SleekFlow, qiibee, Pulsetto and OpenFin Bag Tech Funding

A lively mix of SaaS social commerce, blockchain-based B2B rewards, calm wearables and fintech.

There’s an international flavour to this one with SleekFlow, qiibee, Pulsetto and OpenFin grabbing tech funding.

SleekFlow, a Hong Kong-based SaaS social commerce platform, has launched its new UK operation following an $8 million (£7 million) Series A funding round.

qiibee, a blockchain-based B2B rewards marketplace in Switzerland, has raised $4.8 million (£4 million) following the close of a seed funding round led by Z5 Capital.

Lithuanian healthtech startup Pulsetto has calmly picked up a €500,000 (£430,000) investment from Kilo Health for developing its product and accompanying app.

OpenFin, a New York-based operating system (OS) for enterprises, has secured an undisclosed investment from ING Ventures, the venture capital arm of ING.

SleekFlow Seeks Victory at Waterloo

SleekFlow was set up in 2019 and has over 5,000 clients globally. It has appointed Craig Johnson as its UK sales director and opened its doors in Waterloo, London. He will be tasked with growing SleekFlow’s UK operation, such as developing the sales team, and expanding its operations by hiring up to 50 staff in the next three years.

The latest funding round was led by Tiger Global Partners, followed by Transcend Capital and AEF Greater Bay Area Fund, which is managed by Gobi Partners GBA. Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund participated in last year’s SleekFlow’s pre-Series A round.

Along with its UK-based dreams, SleekFlow is looking for action in Southeast Asia, specifically in Singapore and Malaysia. It will also use this investment on product development within fintech and analytics to uncover emerging trends in the checkout process on social media platforms, such as centralised product listing and in-chat payments.

The SleekFlow platform integrates over 2,500 tools and messaging channels, such as WhatsApp Business API, Facebook Messenger and Instagram Business. With its newly launched one-click checkout payment feature, businesses can now get paid in chat directly.

From its founding team of three, SleekFlow has now expanded to 60 team members across the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The tech firm is seeing matters flow well as enjoyed a valuation growth of 1,200% in the last 12 months and 500% revenue growth.

qiibee Moves in Zug

Zug-based qiibee explains that other investors in the funding round included digital advertising group Meet The People and individual investors.

Founded by two brothers Gabriele and Gianluca Giancola, the Swiss company has an interest in the UK. That said, the firm will use the funds for recruitment and expansion plans in North America.

Gabriele Giancola says its B2B rewards marketplace allows clients to get access to brands, rewards, crypto and NFTs, and connects loyalty programs with “millions of new members”.

In 2021, the first connection between different loyalty programs through qiibee’s technology launched with Louis Erard, a Swiss luxury watchmaker, that enables their members to exchange their own loyalty currency, Louis Erard Points, to miles from Etihad Guest and nine different cryptocurrencies.

Pulsetto Feels Relaxed

What if you could wear calmness? That’s the question from Vilnius-based Pulsetto as it looks to promote its wearable technology. Kilo Health tells eWeek UK that Pulsetto targets English-speaking countries, the UK included. It probably has the B2C sector on its mind, but businesses may show an interest for their stressed employees.

Pulsetto has launched a vagus nerve stimulating device for home use. The device looks a bit like a cross between a Celtic torc and a set of headphones – and it wraps around the user’s neck.

The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the human body, and it connects the brain with the internal organs. Stimulating this nerve with electric impulses activates the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the body to rest and relax. Some may prefer alcohol to relax but Pulsetto has other ideas.

The product contains a wearable device that “should be used for four minutes a couple of times per day”. It is paired with a mobile app that helps users follow their personalised program and addresses a specific health goal, such as better sleep, reduced anxiety or lower stress.

Kilo Health is a digital health and wellness company with over four million customers worldwide. It offers 15+ digital health products, and has 600+ employees and offices across five European cities. It’s also based in Vilnius.

ING Has a Thing for OpenFin

Along with the US HQ, OpenFin has an office in London and a presence in Hong Kong.

Its web-based OS is targeted at the financial services sector and used for applications and digital experiences for employees and clients. The software is now used at more than 2,400 banks, and wealth and asset management firms in 60+ countries.

This announcement follows last year’s launch of OpenFin Workspace, a new visual interface of OpenFin OS which includes components for windowing, search, actionable notifications and application discovery. Built on Google’s Chromium engine, OpenFin OS is used for app distribution, and communication and workflow between apps.

ING adopted OpenFin’s technology in 2021 for its desktop strategy. Employees now have access to workspace management and automated workflows.

While OpenFin may not be open to sharing the investment details, it does have plenty of notable investors. These include Bain Capital Ventures, Barclays, CME Ventures, DRW Venture Capital, HSBC, JP Morgan, NYCA Partners, Pivot Investment Partners, SC Ventures and Wells Fargo Strategic Capital.

Antony Peyton
Antony Peyton
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