Winn Group Invests in Low-Code Firm Toca

Newcastle-based personal injury company will use the firm's low-code apps and automation.

Sing when you’re Winn-ing. Personal injury company Winn Group has invested in low-code enterprise development solution provider Toca. 

There are no financial details about the deal, but Newcastle-based Winn Group says the move enables it to take ownership of developing new technology solutions internally. The idea is to relieve its dependency on outsourcing and help the business’ digital transformation plans.

Chief Information Officer at Winn Group, Clint Milnes, responsible for deployment of IT and automation, explains: “We needed a solution to reduce our case handling duration so that we could process more claims while maintaining an excellent client experience. Toca was the perfect solution. By introducing automation to the process, we will benefit from greater speed and accuracy, and save significant staff time.”

“Our API backlog was growing because we just didn’t have the internal capabilities to build middleware without a .Net developer,” he adds. “While most of our tech team is adept at using our bespoke case management system, they are not trained in using C-Sharp or .Net. Outsourcing was proving to be difficult, expensive, and often not fruitful. Now, we have internal developers using the platform to build new solutions and integrations, giving us much more control. We plan to roll out Toca to more internal staff throughout the year so that it can be used in every division across the group.”

  • It’s not that new, but read about Toca’s funding here

Winn Group provides accident management, legal, health care and medico-legal services across the UK. The company is not in a whiny mood as it has had a four-fold increase in business leads. The new solution will be used to manage the invoices and claims being processed by its On Hire division – which provides replacement vehicles and repair management for road users.

Managing repair invoices involves a degree of manual tasks for On Hire employees, with all the details and exemption criteria needing to be checked. By harnessing Toca’s low-code apps and automation platform, Winn Group says it is in the process of developing new applications within its On Hire department to help automate its motor claims process end-to-end. The new automated system will process over 1,000 repair invoices monthly, saving more than 160 hours of staff time each month.

In the future, Winn Group plans to move even more development in house. For instance, Milnes mentions that its wills, trust and probate business could be an option.

The investment is more good news for Reading-based Toca.

Last year, the firm revealed £2 million of funding from private investors – an extension to the £1.4 million raised since 2018.

Toca was founded in 2018 and got more than 257% growth in FY21. The company has clients in healthcare, legal, utilities, not-for-profit, retail and tech industries.

Antony Peyton
Antony Peyton
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