Best Data Analytics Software and Tools in the UK

Whether you're after something free, something intuitive or something for statistical computing, we have conducted research concerning ten options on the UK market.

Before modern technology, many businesses and organisations simply missed out on the actionable insights hidden within their data sets. However, with the rise in popularity of data analytics software, more and more users within the UK and across the globe are leveraging their data to the fullest potential. 

These software systems provide intelligence that can increase an organisation’s chance of success in various business practices, making them a powerful commodity for companies. This likely explains why the Europe big data and business analytics market is expected to reach $105 billion (£84 billion) by 2027. This would reflect growth at a CAGR of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027, as predicted by Allied Market Research.

Many data analytics software systems are available for organisations within the UK to gain insights and a deeper understanding of their data sets.

Read on to learn more about the leading data analytics software solutions available for users in the UK to optimise their business decisions and drive their success.


Top Data Analytics Software and Tools in the UK

Top Data Analytics Software and Tools in the UK

Best for Low-Code/No-Code Analysis


Alteryx LogoAlteryx offers an end-to-end analytics solution through the Alteryx Cloud software system. This product grants users the ability to gain insights from their data analytics from anywhere through their browser. AI-driven automation makes data engineering easy and intuitive, and the interactive cloud platform lets teams collaborate within the system. Users can assess the quality of their datasets and profile, and prepare their data with automated data pipelines that help them simplify the data process for analytics and machine learning. In addition, AI/ML-based suggestions help guide users through data exploration and transformation. The tool also has additional features to simplify the data preparation and analytics processes, such as predictive transformation, active data profiling, data clustering, and standardisation and adaptive data profiling. The tool is also flexible for users to decide on low-code or no-code ELT or ETL so that they can take the best approach for their skillset.

The Alteryx open data engineering platform with multi-cloud support can connect to any data source and runs on various data platforms. The tool lets users integrate their software with their existing tool chains and into existing workflows through SDKs and OpenAPI standards, and enables them to orchestrate connections with third-party applications. Pricing for the Designer Cloud package starts at £4,155 for individual users yearly. However, those interested in the products contained within the package can contact the company to hear the prices of specific tools.

Customer reviews seem pleased with the software’s ease of use, though some disapprove of its high cost.

Best for Multiple Language Use

Apache Spark

Apache Spark LogoApache Spark provides a data engineering and data science engine with multi-language and machine-learning capabilities. Being built on an advanced distributed SQL engine, the product helps users process structured and unstructured large-scale data. Users can process their data using multiple languages, including SQL, Scala, Jaba, Python or R. Data may be processed in batches and real-time streaming. In addition, the system can execute distributed ANSI SQL queries to support ad-hoc reporting and dashboarding. The Spark Core API software provides in-memory computing capabilities and a general execution model, enabling users to develop through their preferred method. The unified system also provides resources for users, including the MLlib scalable machine learning library that is usable in Scala, Java or Python. Spark provides additional higher-level libraries with information supporting various data processing, graph processing and ML capabilities.

Apache Spark can integrate with many frameworks and operate on various data sources through the DataFrame interface. The product is free to use, which has undoubtedly contributed to its popularity.

Customer reviewers mainly expressed satisfaction with the product for its ability to process large-scale data sets. However, some say that the product is not user-friendly, so it may not be the best for those lacking data-science knowledge.

Best for Easy Data Visualisation


datapine Logodatapine provides a modern business intelligence platform with features for self-service analytics and developing data-driven workflows. Users can adopt business intelligence dashboards based on their particular function, industry or platform. Data from multiple databases or sources can be combined, analysed and visualised for actionable insights through the software. Its data discovery process lets users drag and drop items for quick and easy analysis within the system. Some of its analytics features include SQL custom querying, trend analysis, cross queries, data predictions, data monitoring, custom fields and custom expressions. Where this product really shines is with its easy data visualisation, as users can pick between over 80 business dashboard templates or create custom ones for their needs. Users can view vital information from the dashboards, gain actionable insights and explore their data visually. Dashboards can also be updated and customised with advanced interactive features, so users can access the information they need in real-time. Finally, its multiple sharing options allow data visualisations to be communicated to other members of the user’s team easily.

datapine’s platform supports integration with many external products for marketing analytics, social media, CRM, ERP and more. Examples of third-party connections include CSV, Dropbox, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Aurora, Microsoft Azure and Google Spreadsheets. After a 14-day free trial of the product, interested users can choose between four plans, starting at £199 per month for one user. Higher-priced plans can support up to three users/three viewers and contain more premium features.

The product has a high overall review score online, and most users appreciate it for its dashboard and reporting features.

Best for Intuitive Data Analysis


Microsoft Excel LogoExcel is a popular Microsoft solution that can be used to explore data and gain insights. The solution uses natural language queries to generate visual summaries, trends and patterns from data sets. The product does best with clean data that is formatted within Excel data, however, its intuitive nature makes it possible to format complicated or nested data with the Power Query tool. Once data is transferred into the system, it can be analysed to show insights such as data ranks, trends, outliers and majorities. The tool has its limitations, like the inability to analyse datasets over 1.5 million cells, and users with background knowledge of Excel may find the product easier to use than beginners. However, it does provide a simple and straightforward analysis of numerical data sets.

Excel is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10 or macOS. It is included within many Microsoft product subscription packages or can be purchased on its own for $159.99 (£127).

The solution has very positive reviews online. Users enjoy it not only for its data analysis capabilities but also for its other functions like spreadsheet creation and additional technical features.

Best Free Option


KNIME LogoKNIME provides a free, open-source software system for data science and a priced KNIME Server product with additional features to complement the free analytics platform. The free KNIME Analytics Platform helps users understand their data and design workflows with reusable components. The product is not limited to coding users, as the drag and drop nodes and components for creating visual workflows on a graphical interface can be done with no coding. Some of its noteworthy features include tool blending to combine tools from different domains into a single workflow, data analysis modelling, and data preparation capabilities like text manipulation, genetic algorithms, random searches and the ability to apply rules for samples. Machine learning and AI also allow users to develop models using advanced algorithms for optimal data processing and insights. And when business demand increases, users can even scale their workflow performance to keep up within the system.

KNIME’s open source integrations enable users to connect their big data sources, machine learning tools, AI technology, scripting software and more. For a free tool, this product has very extensive capabilities. While the paid KNIME Server products offer additional features to support things like collaboration, user credential management, server monitoring and more. The KNIME Analytics Platform is worth trying out if you are looking for data analytics software on a budget.

Most reviewers online gave the product high ratings and praised it for aspects like its timesaving workflows and scalability.

Best for Statistical Computing 


R LogoR is a software environment solution for statistical computing and graphics. It is a free product, however, its use is limited to only Unix-like, Windows and Mac families of operating systems. The software’s design is an interpreted computer programming language that can function for a large range of statistical procedures and modular programming. Capabilities of R include time series analysis, linear and generalised linear models, nonlinear regression models, classical parametric and nonparametric tears, smoothing and clustering. Additionally, users can create various types of data presentations within the flexible graphical environment provided by its functions. This software may not be the best option for users with little data science and statistical computing knowledge. However, those with a background in this type of technology can use the software to generate unique and advanced insights from their data sets. Users can also use R and S together for more significant data analysis and graphical functionality, and additional add-on packages are available as well for more data manipulation capabilities.

The R programming language can be integrated into various business intelligence platforms and external data processing applications. While R is free to use, it is not friendly for beginner use.

Reviewers online enjoyed the power and versatility of the programming tool. However, several reviews mention that the language may be challenging to begin to learn.

Best for Non-Data Scientists


RapidMiner LogoRapidMiner advertises an enterprise-ready data science platform supporting teams through the data analytics lifecycle. This includes features to assist users with data engineering, model building, ML ops, AI app building, collaboration and governance, and trust and transparency. The agile solution serves as an intuitive interface for data scientists and team members alike, with end-to-end automation and AI to reduce unnecessary complexity. The tool’s visual workflow designer enables users to create workflows that bridge the gap between automated data science and code-based processes. In addition, the creators of RapidMiner included various features to simplify the data analytics processes for users, including no-code operators for certain actions, drag-and-drop building blocks for the DS lifecycles, intuitive data preparation and code-free ML ops. Its data science capabilities even include automatic process explanations, making it easy for non-data scientists to navigate the platform successfully.

RapidMiner’s open-source framework can support various third-party applications, systems, data sources, coding languages, cloud technologies and more. Some of the featured integration partners include Qlik, Braincube, Hivecell, Google Cloud Platform and Tableau Software. Pricing details for the RapidMiner products can be accessed by request on the RapidMiner website.

Online reviewers highly favour the software, with most review sites sporting a 4+ star rating out of 5. However, a common complaint was that the software has a tendency to crash, though this bug may have been repaired since the reviews were made.

Best for Flexible Features


SAS LogoSAS solutions are helpful for users who wish to explore, analyse and visualise their data. Interested buyers can choose between Advanced Analytics solutions, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Solutions, Data Management Solutions and more, as SAS provides many different products that could aid them in gaining insights from their data. The SAS Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions can provide users with a deeper understanding of their data with visual data exploration, easy analytics, interactive reporting and dashboards, collaboration features and even mobile applications. What’s nice about SAS is that users can request demos and price quotes based on their needs. This means that the software will be custom-tailored to meet the requirements of each particular buyer. It can also be displayed on-site or on a hosted or public cloud. This way, users will have everything they need to gain actionable insights from their data sets.

SAS users can connect their software with SAS Viya, which integrates open source technology and enables application connections. SAS REST APIs also let users customise and integrate open source analytics within their business apps. People who are interested in SAS can contact them to develop a product based on their needs and experience a free trial of the SAS software before purchasing.

Customer reviewers seem happy with the product overall, though some disapprove of its high price.

Best for Data Quality


Talend LogoTalend offers its Talend Data Fabric solution that enables users to maintain healthy, clean and uncompromised data for analysis that can grant them actionable insights and assist in their business decision-making. Data integration, integrity and governance are all combined within the platform, and users can check the reliability of their data sets with the Talend Trust Score. This score is an easy tool that helps users identify and resolve any issues regarding their data processing. Users can feel more secure about their data-driven initiatives by using the self-service product and learning what data to trust. The Data Management Platform is also beneficial for teams, with data team collaboration features and shareable transformation recipes to remedy data quality issues.

The Talend tool has integration capabilities with over 1,000 connectors and components so that users can connect almost any data source to their data environment in the cloud or on-premises. Buyers can also use APIs for more integration capabilities. For pricing information, those interested may contact the company.

Customer reviewers online seemed to enjoy the Talend data analytics products overall.

Best for Teams and Collaboration


ThoughtSpot LogoThoughtSpot is a self-service tool for developing actionable insights on cloud data. The software works with modern data stacks so that users can gain the most from their company data through search and AI. Capabilities of the ThoughtSpot Modern Analytics Cloud include simplified NLQ searching for data insights, auto-analysis of datasets for identifying granular insights, data live-querying, real-time insights, analytics embedding, cloud security and governance controls, and the ability for users to create reusable governed data models. The system lets users build personalised, interactive visualisations easily with Liveboards, and the intelligent query generation tool produces 100% accurate results. Though this product contains a lot of the standard features of a data analytics tool, its collaboration features give it a unique edge. Users can easily share charts, data models and Liveboards with members of their company. They can even subscribe other users to schedule and threshold-based alerts, and the Switch ThoughtSpot Presentation mode feature can help users present their data analysis findings clearly to others. Each member of the company team will feel confident using this product, as the software provides in-context coaching guides on searching and analysing business data. Finally, the tool’s Query Analytics pinboard makes it easy for admins to track query-level performance metrics for more clarity into their team’s search behaviour and product use.

ThoughtSpot supports integration with leading cloud data warehouses, including Google BigQuery, Databricks, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse Analytics and more. It also allows users to connect third-party ELT and ETL tools such as Fivetran, Alteryx and Talend. ThoughtSpot pricing is determined by four tier levels, the Team plan, Pro plan, Enterprise plan and Everywhere plan.

Customer reviews express appreciation for the product’s self-service capabilities and ease of use. However, some reviewers were dissatisfied with the tool’s speed when processing large data sets.

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