Best Data Visualisation Software and Tools in the UK

Data storytelling, KPI monitoring, customisation, and more - we look at a variety of data visualisation software and tools.

For businesses and organisations, data is only as valuable as the insights that can be generated through its analysis. To analyse and understand data, organisations turn to data visualisation software and products, allowing them to organise their findings in graphical representations that can help them generate valuable insights. As a result, the data visualisation software market will likely accelerate as businesses strive to increase their growth and improve their customer experiences following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to findings published by Verified Market Research, the size of the Global Data Virtualisation Market was estimated at $1.84 billion (£1.35 billion) in 2020 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 20.9% from 2021 to 2028. With the data visualisation market projected to reach $8.39 billion (£6.39 billion) by 2028, many enterprise software companies have been placing focus upon this industry, meaning more competition for the best solutions.

Data visualisation can be a standalone product. It is also often part of business intelligence or analytics software, and is commonly included in business applications like CRM and even spreadsheets.

This piece will look at some of the solutions available to organisations within the UK.

Data Visualisation Software and Tools

Best for Data Storytelling


Tableau provides data visualisation and management resources to organisations within the UK through its end-to-end analytics platform. The software allows users to access their data with visual analytics, data storytelling, data governance and collaboration features. Its drag and drop visualisation building system with AI-driven statistical modeling helps users see their data in helpful ways. Additionally, the platform streamlines governance and enables data to be turned into valuable insights. It can be accessed via desktop or mobile devices.

Tableau’s pricing is from £580 to £620 a user per year based upon its three subscription plans: Tableau Creator, Tableau Explorer and Tableau Viewer. The system is native in Salesforce and Slack, and offers native connectors built-in with many external applications.

Online user reviewers of the product praise it for its professional user interface and flexible visualisation capabilities. However, some reviewers are critical of its price.

Best for Statistical Analysis


Minitab statistical software allows businesses and organisations to use statistics to find trends and make predictions based on their data. It can be accessed through a desktop or the cloud. The platform enables users to gain insights from their data through advanced analytics. They can use the Graph Builder tool to visualise their data and create valuable graphics. Customisable menus and toolbars make it easy to attune to a user’s workforce needs, and the time series and forecasting tools can help them identify trends in their data.

This tool also contains impressive features for statistical analysis, such as variance testing capabilities, hypothesis tests, regression tools and control charts. The platform contains pre-built connectors and data integrations so data can be accessed from various sources, including Microsoft, Google and Oracle tools.

Reviewers overall seemed pleased with the product’s ability to satisfy their statistical analysis needs, but some said they had difficulty learning how to use it.

Best for Marketing Data


Adverity has an analytics platform with various data storage and visualisation capabilities. Users can use the system to measure and gain insights into their sales, marketing and customer-related data. The product uses dashboards to drive actionable insights and develop forecasts from data that users can act upon to improve their ROI and performance levels. In addition, the product detects trends and anomalies within combined data sets, and users can even measure their performance against the rest of their industry. The features and capabilities of this product make it an optimal choice for organisations looking to grow their businesses and compete within their industry.

The subscription-based SaaS model has various price points dependent on the customer’s tier level, with each tier containing different features. In addition, the Adverity software can connect with data from over 600 sources through its various integration options.

Online reviewers appreciate the product for its ability to derive insights from data collected from multiple sources.


Swydo is a web-based software platform designed for online marketers. The tool has options for reporting, marketing and streamlining the workflow of organisations and businesses. It creates customised reports on data from various external sources, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Microsoft Analytics, to name a few. In addition, it can track and manage KPIs so that users can monitor the performance of their campaigns and marketing initiatives. Reporting tasks can be automated within the system and other scheduling and management tasks. The product has many customisation options for fields, reports and templates. Additionally, white-label customisation is possible with the system to customise communications with business branding.

This product has a free trial, and afterward, pricing is based on plans and the number of data sources used. The tool’s API allows for integrations with many other business systems like Instagram Ads, Facebook Insights, MailChimp and more.

User reviewers seem satisfied with the product, though some have complained about its high cost.

Best for Ad Hoc Data Analysis

Phocas Software

Phocas offers a business intelligence software tool for ad hoc data analysis. Users can use the Database Designer tool to suit the needs of their business data visualisation. Live dashboards and scorecards are customisable to generate insights from users’ organisational data and update them on their progress toward their goals. Businesses can benefit from the data analytics and track their manufacturing and distribution processes and their retail business trends. Automated alerts and reporting are helpful features of the product, allowing users to stay on top of their data use. The product also has collaboration features and capabilities for compliance and performance management.

Those interested in the product should contact the vendor for pricing information. The tool integrates with many business apps, including Google and Microsoft tools.

While some reviewers expressed difficulty customising reports, most seemed to enjoy the solution for its ease of use and database-building capabilities.

Best for Automation


ZEMA provides a web-based modular product for data management and automation solutions. The tool automates data collection through real-time data capture and monitors data for timeliness, completion and accuracy. Data from multiple sources can be combined and aligned to find trends and insights. The software allows users to automate their complex and business-specific processes through the established automation tools, or users may develop their own. The data visualisation features include dashboard building capabilities, customisable outputs, and the development of various types of charts, graphs and tables.

ZEMA offers a free trial, after which its product is priced, though specific prices were unavailable online. The software’s integrations allow for the collection of internal, public and third-party data sources based on the needs of the user organisation.

Most product reviewers seemed pleased with the solution and its data analysis capabilities.

Best for KPI Monitoring


9Spokes allows users to generate data insights to optimise their business management. The product lets users track their business performance trends so that they can make informed decisions for their organisations. Data can be connected within the system from various sources, including bank feeds and other external business apps. Some notable features of the software include KPI monitoring, financial reporting, marketing reporting, scorecards, visual discovery, collaboration tools and a customisable dashboard. Overall this seems to be an excellent option for those wishing to drive their overall business growth through the use of an inexpensive product.

A free trial is available for this product, and afterward, pricing starts at £0.01 per user as a one-time payment. A free version may be used as well. The product works with several external applications, including Microsoft tools, Intuit Quickbooks and Sage.

While not many reviews were available online, those that were accessible displayed satisfaction with the product’s ease of use, visual appeal and accessibility.

Best for Customer Engagement


Dataroid software is designed to help businesses with their customer engagement and growth. Through real-time behaviour data analytics, users can analyse their customer interactions and behaviour, and visualise the customer journeys with their visual dashboards. The product has many options for automation, including push notifications, segment discovery and network performance monitoring. All of the features included within this product are focused on optimising the business’s customer engagement, ensuring compliance, and gaining helpful insights from their data analysis.

This product is an excellent choice for users or organisations that wish to improve their customer engagement, and those interested should contact Dataroid directly for pricing information.

While customer reviews online were challenging to come by, those found reflected satisfaction with the product’s data visualisation features and interface.

Best for Customisation

Google Charts

Google Charts is a tool for displaying customisable, live data with interactive visualisation charts and data tools. Users of this product can connect their data to create charts and even display them live on their websites. Many different types of charts and diagrams can be used to show data and insights, and they can be customised per the user’s needs. Charts can also be adjusted using the system’s controls and dashboards to manage how users can visualise and interact with their data. While the system may not have as many features specific to the needs of an organisation, it can still be a great free option for users looking to create visual representations for their data.

This software is available as a free product, and no plugins are required, as it uses APIs, has cross-browser compatibility, and has cross-platform portability to mobile devices. Additionally, the connection tools allow for real-time data connections.

Users of the product who left online reviews seem satisfied by the product’s ease of use, though some expressed a desire for additional capabilities like offline use.


Sisense allows users to develop custom analytic experiences. The tool is a cloud-analytics platform with features to support scalability and collaboration for the user organisation. Users of this software can automate their actions to simplify their workflow and integrate AI analytics within their processes. Dashboards and reports are developed within the system and can be visualised as pictures, graphs, charts and more. Another perk is that the data visualisation is real-time, driving data-driven insights that are up-to-date and help organisations to meet their business objectives. Other notable features are forecasting capabilities, benchmarking and customisable dashboards.

The product integrates with many external business tools, including Salesforce software. Integrations with data and control applications for governance help to ensure that operations are executed properly within the system.

Customer reviewers seem to enjoy the product’s self-service tools and data model assembly capabilities.

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Madeline Clarke
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