Best Cloud Backup and Storage Software in the UK

Scalability, collaboration, configuration or something else? We examine the top cloud backup and storage software tools for business users.

For organisations to gain insights from their data, share sensitive information and maintain secure files – cloud backup and storage software is vital.

Cloud storage solutions enable users to store their online data within a cloud environment and easily access and manage their files through the internet.

Off-site storage solutions can provide numerous benefits to individuals and organisations. This efficient data storage method saves on-site storage space and can house large amounts of stored data with greater accessibility. This can also be advantageous in business settings, as these tools often provide collaborative features, and make it easy for permitted users to access, share and manipulate stored files.

Cloud backup and software solutions can also protect users from disasters like compromised security and data loss risks. Many software products on the market use automation to sync files and maintain security compliance standards. With data backup, recovery and protection protocols, users have more opportunities to save and secure their operations should an incident occur.

The UK is just one of the many areas where businesses and organisations have reflected increased demand for cloud storage software. The global cloud storage market is projected to increase from $83.4 billion (£68.7 billion) in 2022 to $376.4 billion (£310 billion) by 2029, at a CAGR of 24.0%, according to Fortune Business Insights.

Read on to learn more about the top cloud backup and storage software solutions available in the UK.


Top Cloud Backup and Storage Software Tools in the UK

Top Cloud Backup and Storage Software Tools in the UK

Amazon Web Services

Best for Data Storage and Scalability

Amazon Web Services LogoAmazon Web Services (AWS) provides storage solutions that help manage and analyse user data and develop cloud-native applications. AWS has various plans for users, ranging from solutions for file transferring and disaster recovery/backups to data storage services.

While users can opt to stick with managed file transfer solutions that provide features focusing on file-transfer workflows, all of the plans provide data analysis capabilities. This means that buyers can choose to mix and match each of the solutions to develop an ideal storage solution based on their unique needs.

It is easy to migrate workloads for storage within the system, making scalability a breeze. Users can ensure that their data is collected, processed and migrated to the cloud from edge locations. AWS storage allows for extensions from secondary storage targets to the cloud, so backing up data and managing data growth is simple.

Additionally, AWS’s storage solutions support data sharing from AWS containers and serverless applications to support the application development process.

Pricing for these solutions is determined based on the amount of storage buyers utilise.

According to online reviewers, the AWS cloud storage solutions are easy to use and configure.


Best for Data Protection

Backblaze LogoBackblaze is a cloud service solution that helps users to build applications and secure their data. The solution is deployable at scale and ensures the safety of important data while connecting with other systems through hundreds of integrations.

The product helps developers to create applications and run services with S3 Compatible APIs, SDKs and CLI, with connected Compute and CDN. Additionally, they can access their data with a 99.9% uptime SLA, so it is ready when they need it.

Backblaze can protect users’ data from scenarios that could otherwise lead to data loss, as its system retains long-term archives with S3-compatible cloud storage. In addition, the product automatically protects all data on all user computers, reducing the risk of potential loss.

The software supports pre-built integrations with various solutions and integrates with most leading backup software tools, including MSP360 and Veeam. The firm also offers several options for moving data, like Native and S3 compatible APIs, Web UI and CLI.

Interested readers can contact the company for pricing information.

Customer reviews stated that the solution was a good low-maintenance storage option, though some customers complained about the slow speeds when uploading to the Backblaze servers.


Best for Collaboration

Box LogoBox provides a collaborative solution for storing and sharing sensitive files. Its Content Cloud software offers e-signature capabilities, making it easier to connect with others and conduct business on the go.

Its Box Drive solution has document management features for users looking for a cloud backup and storage system that can do more. All files are accessible from a desktop with native integrations into Mac Finder and Windows Explorer. Users can collaborate externally on files and keep their sensitive information safe with SSL and at-rest file encryption or collaborate with their teams by sharing content directly from the solution.

Its offline access feature lets users access and edit files without an internet connection and automatically updates the files when they are connected. Box also provides many security and compliance options so users can feel secure when storing their files in the Content Cloud, such as classification-based security controls, data compliance, two-factor authentication and version control features.

Box supports native integrations with business apps like Oracle Netsuite and Salesforce. The software can also connect with desktop apps like Microsoft Office 365, Adobe and more, so users can connect to their files directly from Box Drive.

Box products are available for individual users and teams, with their multi-user options starting at $7 (£6) per user per month.

Many customers who reviewed the software online appreciated its collaboration and content management features. However, several reviewers were unhappy with the price of the software.


Best for Ease-of-Use

Dropbox LogoDropbox is well known for its cloud storage services that allow users to store photos, files and folders of any size for easy access across multiple devices.

Dropbox protects user data with features like remote wipe that enable users to clear their files from their accounts on their lost devices. And in case they accidentally delete a file, they can recover them since Dropbox stores copies of all deleted files for 30 days, and their more advanced plans include even longer storage periods.

Meanwhile, users can still access their files through their mobile apps and browsers, and sync their files across their devices in real-time. In addition, the system has features to simplify collaboration through file sharing, and it enables users to work on projects offline as updated files will automatically be synced once they gain internet access.

The Dropbox Backup solution makes it easy for users to manage their recovery across multiple devices through a one-time setup process. By enabling users to automatically back up their files on their devices and restore them quickly to their original locations, they can feel prepared for any situation.

Dropbox supports integrations with third-party applications (including AWS and SkySync). Other technology partners include Microsoft Office, Adobe, Google Suite and more.

The Dropbox Cloud Storage solution has high customer ratings, who have expressed appreciation for its built-in automation features and easy file sharing capabilities.

Google Cloud

Best for Configuration

Google Cloud LogoGoogle Cloud provides easy-to-use object storage features and data protection services. Its Cloud Storage solution can carry out data backups and archives, and users can even define their minimum retention periods for greater control over their data access capabilities.

The cloud product lets users take charge of their data storage and security with various storage bucket locations and multiple automatic redundancy options. They can also access their objects saved with geo-redundant storage, which provides high levels of availability for media content use.

Google makes it easy to move data into its systems with its Storage Transfer Service, a scalable online pathway. Users can also conduct offline data transfers with Transfer Appliance, a shippable storage server that can be used to upload data into Cloud Storage.

With Object Lifecycle Management, users can configure their data to control their automatic transition into lower-cost storage classes, saving users money and effort. Additional features that support this product’s “Best for Configuration” choice include customer-managed encryption keys, customer-supplied encryption keys, object- and bucket-level permissions and more.

Readers interested in purchasing the Google Cloud service can contact the vendor for pricing details.

The product has excellent online reviews, and many users appreciate its fast processing speeds and easy accessibility.

IBM Cloud

Best for Scalability

IBM Cloud LogoIBM offers cloud storage services that can scale with growing businesses. It has several cloud storage solutions, including IBM Cloud File Storage, IBM Cloud Backup, IBM Cloud Block Storage, IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration and IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Security provided by the IBM systems protects users’ data with BYOK or IBM CloudHyper Protect Services key management, and the IBM Cloud supports FIPS 140-2 Level 4 hardware. The tech firm also offers governance and observability capabilities for users to monitor their cloud storage environments.

Its storage solutions contain features for document management, backup and recovery across multiple data centres. In addition, the IBM Cloud Object Storage can store unstructured data within the cloud, and users can start moving their data with the natively integrated IBM Aspera data transfer capabilities.

The IBM cloud storage services offer plenty of data backup and storage features, so users can select the ones they need and use more as their organisations develop.

Buyers only pay for the cloud storage they need, and potential customers can visit the IBM website for a quote or use the cost estimator to calculate their price.

The services received favourable reviews online, with many users enjoying the scalability of the solutions.


Best for Reporting

IDrive LogoIDrive aims to help users manage, access and store their data. Its solution protects sensitive data with device backup automation, database and server protection features, and reporting features.

Users can put unlimited backup devices into a single account and use their web-based console to manage their data activity and application settings on remote devices. The online file sync feature keeps files updated with real-time changes across each user’s IDrive device without impacting their backup storage capacity. Users can also stay in the know about their activity and security with activity reports, share reports and backup status reports.

If the 256-bit AES file encryption and incremental and compressed backups don’t make users feel safe about their data security, they will likely enjoy the snapshots and versioning features. In addition, these features allow users to access a historical view of their data for point-in-time recovery and ransomware protection.

IDrive comes as a free tool with limited capabilities and is also offered in priced plans with more features. The three pricing tiers begin at $79.50 (£65) per year for one user.

Most customers who reviewed IDrive online were satisfied with the product’s value, though some complained of slow connectivity.

Microsoft OneDrive

Best for Storage Security

Microsoft LogoMicrosoft provides a cloud-based storage solution that helps users gain access to their files on all devices and from any location. Since all of the Onedrive files are saved on the web, they can be accessed on demand without taking up users’ space on their devices and are protected and backed up in case a device is lost. The solution also secures users’ files with file restoration capabilities and password protection.

Some nice features of the Microsoft product include its personal vault, where users can store their photos and files, and secure them through the vault’s added layers of protection. The solution’s multipage scan feature also lets users scan and store their important documents with their mobile devices. Additionally, files and photos can be shared with others through links sent via email or text that are password protected and expire to allow for safe, limited-time availability.

The Microsoft Onedrive solution supports integration with other Microsoft solutions like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Exchange Email and other third-party products.

Pricing for the Basic version of the OneDrive product is free and provides 5 GB of storage. After this, buyers can purchase the Microsoft OneDrive Standalone option with limited features for £19.99 per year or the Microsoft 365 Personal or Family options starting at £59.99 per year.

Customer reviewers online enjoy Microsoft OneDrive for its security features and easy file sharing.


Best for Tech-Savvy Users 

Rackspace LogoRackspace Cloud Files API 1.0 is a network-accessible storage service solution that developers can integrate into their applications. Users can store and access their files and their content delivery network (CDN)-enabled content through a RESTful interface, which can hold an unlimited amount of files.

The system provides solutions for storage, container services operations and object content and metadata operations. In addition, users can utilise the software to manage their files and data involved with their program development processes.

The vendor website states that users should be familiar with RESTful web services, HTTP/1.1 and JSON data serialisation format, so this may not be the best choice for less tech-savvy individuals who are unfamiliar with coding languages.

As for the product’s price, customers can use an unlimited amount of storage space and only pay for the storage space they use.

Reviewers online expressed appreciation for the solution’s file distribution options and reliability. However, some were dissatisfied with its search functionality.


Best for File Recovery

SugarSync LogoSugarSync lets users store, access and edit their files from the cloud across multiple devices. With automatic file syncing, it’s simple to upload files and photos to the solution, and any edits made are automatically applied across all user devices.

The product has several security features to ensure the safety of its users. For example, the system offers online data protection and recovery, secure syncing using TLS (SSL 3.3) encryption, and safe sharing options like view-only file distribution and document links.

In the case of device loss or theft, SugarSync can even remove all synchronised files from PCs or Macs through its Remote Wipe feature. Since the files are synced online, restoring them to a new device is easy, and version control even enables access to previous file versions.

SugarSync has integrations with a range of third-party applications, including Zapier, Xendo, Cumulo and more.

Pricing starts after a 30-day free trial, and the business plan costs $55 (£45) per month and includes 1,000 GB of storage. The vendor also provides personal options for individual users at three separate price points, starting at $7.29 (£6) per month.

Several customer reviewers enjoyed the product for its automatic synchronisation capabilities, though some users desired more options for integrating with other software.

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