Eight Tech Companies in Cardiff to Watch

In this second tech feature on Wales, we look at Academy of Robotics, Amplyfi, Antiverse, Bond Digital Health, Datalyse, Ship Shape, Tendertec and Urban Intelligence.

Wales has recently been the home of many job opportunities within the tech scene and its capital is certainly full of activity and ambition.

According to analysis for the UK’s Digital Economy Council by Dealroom and the job search engine Adzuna, startups in Cardiff have raised £39 million in 2021 alone, and the popularity of this area as a tech hub shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

In this second feature on Welsh companies, we look at some names across the entire tech spectrum.

Academy of Robotics

Academy of Robotics is a tech company that creates tools to complete actions by developing self-adapting machines and task-specific AI.

Some of its previous accomplishments include the invention of an AI-controlled drone navigation network and other AI entities.

Since being founded in 2017, it has raised £2.5 million in seed funding and has recently announced the opening of a new investment round. These funds are to support Kar-go, its autonomous delivery service vehicle. Additionally, the company has plans to develop autonomous atmospheric satellites.


Amplyfi supports organisational leaders through its insights automation platform. It was founded in 2015 and serves many different business sectors, from academia to life sciences, allowing them to gain insights from its AI analytics and machine-enhanced research tools.

Its funding includes raising a total of $14 million (£10.3 million) over five rounds. It also acquired Deep Web Technologies in February 2020.

Amplyfi’s website also reveals plenty of praise from its clients – such as Airbus Group, BP and NatWest.


Antiverse is a biotech startup specialising in machine learning to support drug development and antibody discovery.

Since the company first came on the scene in 2017, big pharma has already utilised its service. It has raised approximately £1.8 million in funding from multiple investors thus far.

Recently it has been gaining recognition in the tech scene. The company was accepted into the MI Garage programme for tech startups, while last month it announced a partnership with a top 20 pharma company to aid in developing its AI-Augmented Drug Discovery platform.

Bond Digital Health

Bond Digital Health is a financial analytics software firm developing data capture and management technology for the point-of-care diagnostics market. It aims to create scientific-grade technology that uses data to enhance lateral flow diagnostic tests.

As reported in December, the company secured a further £1 million cash injection to give its international dreams a healthy boost. Bond Digital Health has raised £3.2 million funding to date.

Its key product, Transform, is a data management platform. It records lateral flow test results and additional data in real time, via the app.


Founded in 2018, Datalyse offers a cloud-based digital transformation solution for businesses within the UK. The company aims to simplify businesses’ interactions with their clients and improve their customer relations through its technology.

Datalyse says it isn’t a sales system. It’s an “engagement CRM platform” for managing sales volume. This comprises integrated CRM, voice, email, WhatsApp, SMS and automation.

In 2020 it signed a business contract with Emporio, expanding its reach to South America, and had recently begun offering CRM solutions to SMEs. In January 2021, Datalyse raised £500,000 in seed funding to support its business pursuits.

Ship Shape

Ship Shape is a venture capital and private equity company that provides businesses and entrepreneurs with an AI-driven search engine for finding and identifying relevant investors. The idea is to “find smart money VCs in seconds, not months”.

Since the company was founded in 2020, it has been helping startups to locate opportunities for business funding and increasing their chances of investor engagement.

It is very new on the tech scene, and Ship Shape is looking to be a good fit and help a variety of sectors – namely, corporate finance, universities, enterprise agencies and venture capital.


Tendertec is an IT services company that uses AI to help individuals access data-driven healthcare services.

The company was founded in 2017, and since then it has raised €642,000 (£536,000) in pre-seed funding from Metavallon VC.

Tendertec, which also has an office in Greece, offers two products. CareBox is a safety and remote monitoring platform that acts as a personalised care assistant. While SafePass is a personal temperature monitor for the “COVID-19 Era”.

Urban Intelligence

Urban Intelligence is a proptech that was founded in 2019. The company offers a platform for real estate organisations to analyse development location opportunities through the use of technology and data science. It has raised £710,000 in seed funding from several investors, and was recently shortlisted for three awards.

The tech firm has developed a suite of products, driven by technology and data science. At the heart of these is SiteScore, an algorithm that analyses the sustainability of over 28.7 million land parcels in England and Wales by reference to the planning environment, geography, transport and educational links and over 100 other data points.

Urban Intelligence has some notable customers listed on its site. Names include Transport for London, Birmingham City Council, Leicester City Council and Legal & General.

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Madeline Clarke
Madeline Clarke
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