Lenderwize, Attio and SearchLand Secure Funding

The London-based trio comprises a fintech platform for digital commodities, a CRM software provider and a proptech startup.

It’s all happening in London with Lenderwize, Attio and SearchLand receiving tech funding. 

Lenderwize, a fintech platform for digital commodities, has received €100 million (£84 million) in funding from Fasanara Capital, an alternative lender in Europe.

CRM software provider Attio has raised $7.7 million (£5.8 million) in seed funding. The round was led by Point Nine, with participation from Balderton, Headline; and its existing investors Passion Capital and “numerous angels”.

Proptech startup SearchLand has secured a £200,000 seed investment to develop its automated site sourcing tool.

International Dreams for Lenderwize 

Lenderwize will use the funding for its international expansion plans. These include launching operations in France, Germany, Spain and the US during 2022.

The firm provides embedded finance via a digital marketplace to help telecommunications companies. It says it enables investors to acquire digital commodities – including voice, data and digital content – from providers by buying their invoices.

Lenderwize says its platform provides investors with proof of service by sharing characteristics for each commodity such as call duration, origin, destination and cost. It verifies this data in real-time to validate the services rendered on each invoice.

The company was founded in 2016 by Lawrence Gilioli (CEO) and Augusto Pellegrini (Director of Strategic Partnerships).

Attention for Attio

Attio was established in 2019 – and customers on its site include Coca-Cola and SaltPay.

It explains: “We firmly believe that business-built software is the future and that end-users will increasingly demand the ability to simply and quickly configure tools to their exact needs. Notion, Airtable, Webflow and Zapier started this wave, we’re bringing it to the largest business software category: CRM.”

Attio is built on top of teams’ existing data streams. The tech startup started with email, calendar and social data, but now includes product and analytics streams. In Attio, its workflows are user-defined and supported by a library of templates and a knowledge base.

The new round of funding will be used for product development and recruitment. Attio has 13 employees listed on LinkedIn and says it is “hiring across all roles”. There is only one job advertised on LinkedIn at present – a Product Marketing Designer.

SearchLand Seeks Staff

SearchLand is the youngest company of today’s trio and was set up last year.

The funding, which came from a number of angel investors, is SearchLand’s first investment to date.

Hugh Gibbs, Co-Founder of SearchLand, explains: “Given the amount of information that must be located and then analysed, sourcing sites is often a huge challenge for property developers; it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. Understanding this first-hand, we created SearchLand to take pain, complexity and time out of the site-sourcing process.”

The tech startup offers an off-market site sourcing tool that allows property developers, architects and investors to find potential sites and contact the landowner directly through the platform.

The Software as a Service platform automates the process by allowing users to search sites based on a range of data, including title boundaries and ownership, permitted development rights, price paid records and planning application analysis.

SearchLand says it has experienced “consistent” month-on-month growth of 30% over the past 12 months. The startup’s funding will be used to hire new sales and marketing personnel, and build out its automation tools.

The company is planning for a series A funding round in 2023.

Antony Peyton
Antony Peyton
Antony Peyton is the Editor of eWeek UK. He has 18 years' journalism and writing experience. His career has taken him to China, Japan and the UK - covering tech, fintech and business. Follow on Twitter @TonyFintech.
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