SaaS Firm eviFile Secures Rail Signalling Deal with Alstom

Leeds-headquartered company will work with Alstom to create a library of signalling which will be used across 20-25 projects within the programme.

Business is rolling along nicely for Leeds-headquartered SaaS firm eviFile as it has bagged a rail signalling project with Alstom Transport UK.

Alstom, a French multinational rolling stock manufacturer and a signalling & rail infrastructure provider, will roll out the eviFile platform across all live UK projects, including a contract worth £130 million.

eviFile offers field-data collection via its Digital Evidence Platform. Businesses can capture, manage and share “forensic-grade” data using mobile devices.

“Our supervisors spend around 80% of the week updating paper reports and complex spreadsheets, but, so far with eviFile, we have seen a 30% daily reduction in time taken up by administrative tasks – completely changing the way supervisors work. And we expect this to increase to 50%-60% in the future,” comments Karl Fulcher, Country (UK) Installation Manager at Alstom.

He adds: “Historically we’ve struggled to make the move to a digital system, but the penny is starting to drop. The clear benefit of being able to track and audit works easily from anywhere, on one central system with digital photo-based evidence, shows the guys on the ground that it’s time to remove traditional processes and digitise. There is no limit to what we can do with eviFile.”

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Luke Allen, Managing Director of eviFile, adds: “It’s no secret in the rail industry that digitisation has been slow and some attitudes towards technology are hard to change. Many felt the system wasn’t broken, so they didn’t need to fix it.”

That’s changed, and eviFile will feel things are on the right track with the new deal. The 100 users’ partnership will include projects at Victoria and Cambridge, after completing a trial period on a cable recovery scheme in Paddington in March 2022, where the software is now live.

The contract in question, the Cambridge programme, is the “biggest single contract” awarded by Network Rail in CP6. The latter is a ‘control period’ (1 April 2019 to 31 March 2024) and a plan to reduce the number of delayed trains.

The Cambridge programme will renew the signalling system for the Cambridge area to replace existing equipment installed in the 1980s.

eviFile will work with Alstom to create a library of signalling which will be used across 20-25 projects within the programme. Upon completion, the project will have replaced nearly 700 signalling assets across the area.

According to the Leeds-based firm, it is expected that once all projects are live, eviFile will be used by all Alstom engineers and contractors nationwide.

eviFile was founded in 2016 and most of its projects are in the rail and construction sectors.

Antony Peyton
Antony Peyton
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