Tech Companies in South West England to Watch

Starring CoreBlue, Greener, Imployable, Innovolo, Intelligent AI, Mystic, Re-Flow and RoleMapper.

With over 17,000 companies and a GVA of £11 billion, South West England’s tech scene is home to a number of great cities for tech, including Bristol, Bath, Exeter and Plymouth.

We have already covered tech companies to watch in Bristol. Now, we’re expanding out into the whole South West region of England.

The companies on this list are just a sampling of the innovative work being done throughout the region in industries like AI, cybersecurity, healthtech and so much more.


i) Tech Companies in South West England to Watch

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Tech Companies in South West England to Watch

1. CoreBlue

Coming out of Plymouth, CoreBlue offers bespoke software design services to client companies looking to upgrade their old solutions. It has worked with companies like Expert Insights, Propio and Acre Frameworks, among others.

In January 2021, the firm received £250,000 in funding from Innovate UK for its CreatED software which aims to help teachers more easily plan lessons for both physical and virtual classrooms.

Lately, CoreBlue has been on a bit of a hiring spree according to its LinkedIn page, where it announced the recruitment of several new employees.

2. Greener

Greener was founded in 2019 and launched its supply-chain-dating platform in 2021. Self-describing its platform’s algorithm as “like a dating website”, this Bath-based firm offers to help match climate-conscious clients in the food and drink industries with compatible supply chain partners.

As of this writing, the platform is still largely untested. Hopefully, it’s more successful at its stated goals than your average Tinder or Farmers Only or Christian Mingle.

In an April 2022 funding round, Greener raised £113,000 in pre-seed funding. This is on top of the £140,000 it received in May 2021.

3. Imployable

Created by two former Royal Marines, Plymouth-based Imployable offers an app which allows users to utilise insights, job boards, CV builder and more to set themselves up for success. On top of the job board, Imployable offers coaching services to interested jobhunters who want to level up their skills.

Employees aren’t the only benefactors, however, as Imployable’s Cohort platform helps organisations manage prospective employees and guide them through a variety of educational materials, training providers and more to mould them into a better fit for an organisation.

Throughout 2021, Imployable engaged in a crowdfunding campaign to raise £100,000 for its app’s development. When the campaign finally finished, it had raised £228,734. This is on top of $331,995 (£276,569) in funding it had received in February 2021. Most recently, the firm secured $230,000 (£191,589) in seed funding in April 2022.

4. Innovolo

Over in the Cornish fishing village of Par, Innovolo seeks to provide its product development expertise to interested clients. It utilises this expertise to provide services like end-to-end product development and on-demand R&D tasks.

Innovolo’s product development services are not specialised to a specific industry, and the firm has worked on a diverse array of products such as a solid-state drive (SSD) testing rig for “a Silicon Valley giant”, IoT agricultural biotechnology, a trombone-playing position trainer, a sustainable bamboo water bottle and a cleansing wipe formula.

In recent news, Innovolo received the Innovation & Excellence Product R&D Specialists of the Year award in May 2022. In late June 2022, the firm secured a partnership with lubrication supplier TYGRIS to provide innovative lubrication solutions to the market. Let’s hope this latest project goes smoothly for everyone involved.

5. Intelligent AI

Intelligent AI offers location intelligence services which allow clients to track and mitigate potential risks to employees and property alike.

To do this, it collates data and creates so-called “intelligent risk profiles” of client building. Through AI and predictive modelling, it then analyses these profiles to both calculate the building’s risk score and to provide insight into potential risk mitigation opportunities.

In June 2021, Intelligent AI raised £400,000 in a funding round led by RLC Ventures. The Exeter-based firm was selected by insurance company Zurich as a UK representative for its World Innovation Championship in February 2022.

6. Mystic

From Bath, Mystic offers an API for machine learning. After creating an account, users can select a pre-made ML model then deploy and integrate it into their app or software. The firm says it can help with standard language tasks and image processing.

According to its website, Mystic is backed by American tech accelerator Y Combinator. In April 2022, the firm received $3 million (£2.5 million) in seed funding.

Most recently, Mystic CEO Paul Hetherington won the FutureSPARK award from TechSPARK UK in July 2022. The award is meant to celebrate young professionals in the UK tech industry.

7. Re-Flow

Over in Exeter, Re-Flow supplies client companies with field management software to track what their teams are doing and ensure compliance when doing remote work.

The software benefits firms in industries like construction, landscaping, traffic management and rail. There are also options which can automate certain processes for users if required.

In January 2022, the firm wrapped up a funding round for an undisclosed amount in 2022. According to Crunchbase, it has, to date, raised $1.1 million (£918,000) in funding over its four-year lifespan.

8. RoleMapper

Finishing up things in Exeter, RoleMapper provides an AI-powered platform that allows businesses to standardise and control their role and job creation for diversity and talent.

According to its website, client companies can experience an 80% increase in diverse candidates. The firm also offers solutions specifically for scaleups.

RoleMapper lists Sir Richard “Dick” Olver as an advisor of the company. Olver was formerly chairman of major defence contractor BAE Systems and a high-level executive for British Petroleum.

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