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It can be dangerous out there - with data loss or hardware failures to deal with. We analyse a variety of backup software options to help your business stay safe.

Backup recovery software is an organisation’s protection against data loss through events like hardware failure, ransomware attacks and user error. With dangerous digital threats ever-present on the web, many UK businesses and organisations fear putting their essential data on the line without this protection. Backup software creators and companies have capitalised on this insecurity, offering users protection from potential data loss events. 

Due to the growing concern over data loss events, this software is now considered a necessity for many organisations, and the backup recovery software market size is expected to flourish. According to 360 Research Reports’ global Data Backup Software Market study in 2022, the market is projected to grow from $5.6 billion (£4.5 billion) in 2021 to $9.2 billion (£7.5 billion) by 2028, at a CAGR of 7.3% from 2022 to 2028.

In the UK, the popularity of data backup software has also risen in recent years. Read on to learn more about ten tech firms that provide backup software solutions to organisations and businesses within the UK.

Backup Software

Best for Saving Space


AOMEI LogoAOMEI provides several backup software products for ensuring the safety of users’ data. The firm’s AOMEI Backupper product is a Windows tool that works to secure and retrieve OS and computer files. Its notable capabilities include image deployment, automated backup modes and cloning features. The system saves backups automatically, and users have multiple storage options for securing their backups. Users don’t have to worry about backups taking up too much storage space, either. A particularly helpful aspect of this tool is its Scheme feature, which automatically deletes old backups while maintaining up-to-date backups.

The software is available for home use, SMEs and enterprise use products. Thanks to its image deployment capabilities, the enterprise system can also be deployed to dissimilar hardware. In addition, AOMEI has integration options with several software partners such as Kentima, Seca and Streamstar. The software is available in a free version, although buyers may purchase paid plans with more features.

Most reviews online reflect satisfaction with the software’s capabilities, and even the free version seems to contain helpful features for users’ needs. However, some reviewers indicated the desire for more user-friendliness in the product.

Best Cloud Solution


Backblaze LogoBackblaze provides B2 cloud storage, business backup and personal backup software products. Its backup tools can work to secure files and data from various devices, including computers, NAS, Veeam and servers. Data is protected by default on all workforce computers, with no file type or size restrictions. NAS device users can also back up their device data to the B2 Cloud Storage to ensure offsite backup security. The data that is stored in B2 by the system backups are available for immediate download, so users don’t have to deal with delays to access their data.

The Backblaze backup software has integrations with various third-party tools to increase its functionality. Integration options include connections with Synology, Cloudflare, QNAP, Veeam and more. Those interested in the Backblaze software can get started with 10GB of free B2 cloud storage or sign up for a 15-day free trial of the product. After this, prices are dependent on the subscription plan, and users have flexible, centralised billing options to suit their ideal needs and schedules.

Reviewers seemed decently pleased with the product, although some reviewers cited weaknesses such as the system’s inability to back up network shares and a slow interface.

Best for Microsoft Office Users


Carbonite LogoCarbonite offers data migration and protection solutions for businesses and organisations. Its Carbonite Backup for Microsoft 365 is a cloud-to-cloud solution that secures users of the Microsoft 365 suite and applications by capturing changes and replicating them in Microsoft Azure. This would, of course, include popular suite applications like OneDrive, Sharepoint and Teams. In addition, the tool provides central management features like audit reporting, legal hold, role-based access, exports and APIs. The solution runs automatic backups of covered digital assets up to four times per day to secure support against data loss incidents like ransomware, hardware failure and user error. Should an incident occur, the technology can perform rollbacks on a site level or recover individual items like conversations, mailboxes and files. In addition, users can perform full-fidelity and granular restoration of their protected content.

Users of Carbonite Backup for Microsoft 365 can secure their assets on supported applications like OneDrive, Exchange, Planner, Groups, Sharepoint, Teams and public folders. Users can also use the software with integrated hardware like Bitium and AdvancePro. Additionally, businesses interested in the product can use it for free for 30 days before their trial ends.

Online reviews seem to indicate that customers are overall decently pleased with the product. However, some reviewers disliked the product’s limited storage availability.

Best for Small Businesses


CrashPlan LogoCrashPlan has business data backup solutions for SMB organisations and larger enterprises. Its enterprise option provides continuous protection for user data through endpoint backup and recovery features. The software can recover one or all files from devices in the case of a data loss incident and enables backup capabilities for administrators and individual users. Endpoint data is stored for users within the system’s purpose-built cloud and encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption. With role-based access tools, this can be a great feature for managing team access. CrashPlan’s small business backup tool runs cloud backup automatically and can restore data to another device or web browsers as needed. In addition, users can customise their backup schedules and file retention for deleted files. CrashPlan’s software also comes with secondary drive support, so users can store additional backups locally and protect the data on their secondary drives.

After a free trial, CrashPlan’s small business backup software is priced at $10 (£8) monthly per endpoint device and provides unlimited storage with no file restrictions for its users. Those interested in the CrashPlan enterprise solution, which can secure over 100 endpoints and contains additional backup features, can contact the firm’s sales department for pricing information.

Reviewers of the CrashPlan backup recovery software enjoyed the solutions for its user-friendliness and flexibility.

Best for Automated Features


EaseUS LogoEaseUS offers backup data solutions for business users on Windows servers, MS SQL and Exchange databases. Its EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise solution provides data protection features for organisations of all sizes. Businesses can use the software to protect their systems, disks, files and Outlook emails with backups and restores. Backup data collected by the system may be sent to various storage options, including cloud services, NAS devices, virtual machines, tapes or disks. In addition, users may schedule automated backup tasks upon event or time for continuous protection. Some of the product’s key features include an image-reserve strategy, real-time backup reports, smart backups, disk cloning and universal restoring.

The software’s integration with Outlook allows users to secure their email data. Other third-party integration options include OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Photos, Flamery and more. Those interested in the software can try the free data backup product before committing to a paid version.

Online reviewers expressed enjoyment of the product’s data safeguarding features and ease of use.

Best for Team Management


IDrive provides an enterprise backup solution with features for businesses and organisations. Users can manage their files, remote devices and backup actions with its centralised dashboard and reporting tools. This console enables teams to designate one or multiple admins, who can then manage other users’ system settings and capabilities. For example, admins can block users’ accounts with the legal hold feature, manage users’ push settings and organise user accounts into groups. The system also enables admins to view all the devices attached to their accounts and remotely manage their computer and backup settings. The solution can protect Windows or Linux servers and perform backups on Microsoft 365, Oracle, SharePoint, SQL and Exchange backups. With the software’s versioning feature, users can even restore multiple file versions of their backed-up files to any location on their local computer.

The IDrive backup software is API-accessible, and those interested in the Enterprise solution can test it out with a 30-day free trial. After the trial, the product is priced at several plan options for team and business use, with different features available for each. The company even provides a free option with 10GB of storage and limited capabilities.

Some customer reviews complained about the speed of the product. However, most of them enjoyed the solution’s overall security and functionality.

Best for Document Management Capabilities


Livedrive LogoLivedrive has a business backup and cloud security option for its software for organisations to protect and manage their work files. Users can access and make changes to their files remotely, as they are saved to the Livedrive Briefcase folder in the cloud. This enables them to collaborate on team folders, share files and work from anywhere. The tool also contains automatic backup features that protect data and documents by automatically uploading files to secure UK data centres, where users can recover deleted files for up to 30 days. This way, important files can be restored to any PC or Mac if need be. In addition, the software provides local encryption, and the UK data centres are protected and monitored with intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems so that users can feel safe about their files and data security.

After a 14-day free trial, organisations can choose between two Livedrive business plans, the Business Express plan and the Business Standard plan, which contains more features. Plans are priced monthly, with the Business Express plan at $50 (£40) per month and the Business Standard plan at $160 (£130) per month.

Reviewers online enjoyed the software’s unlimited storage space and backup features, though some found the products to be expensive and desired more integration options.

Best for Secure File Storage


MSP360 LogoMSP360 offers a Managed Backup solution that helps managed service providers and businesses with IT management, monitoring and reporting features. The cross-platform compatible software works for cloud, virtual and physical workloads; and has backup and disaster recovery through a data protection strategy by utilising the public cloud. Backup features include local backups, server backups, system restores, item-level restores, backup immutability and more. The MSP360 system ensures the consistency and functionality of its backups through the restore verification and recovery testing features. Users can choose their storage option from Wasabi, AWS, Backblaze B2 or any MSP360 integrated storage solutions. The stored files are then protected with immutability, encryption and 2FA.

The MSP360 platform has native integrations with Microsoft Azure, Wasabi, AWS and Backblaze B2. In addition, users can protect their data on their third-party applications and tools, including Linux, Windows, macOS, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Hyper-V and VMware. The products can be tested with a free trial, after which pricing for the MSP360 Managed Backup solution can occur on a monthly or annual subscription plan. Those interested in learning the price of the software can receive a quote through its website.

MSP360 customer reviewers enjoyed the simplicity and convenience of the project and found it to be a relatively cost-effective product.

Best for Hybrid Solutions


NovaBACKUP LogoNovaBACKUP has solutions for businesses looking to back up their user data. The NovaBACKUP Cloud for the Business product is a hybrid solution for teams of all sizes to protect their data remotely and locally. The tool comes with a centralised web-based management and monitoring console, private cloud backup, public clouds and more. Its central monitoring also provides email notifications, and its complete disaster recovery features and 256-bit AES encryption help organisations ensure their data protection. In addition, users may deploy NovaBACKUP for their Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Virtual Machines.

Its software integration options include connections with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SkyDrive and more third-party products. Organisations and businesses interested in utilising the NovaBACKUP software can try the backup product free for 15 days. After the trial, buyers are charged on a usage-based, pay-as-you-go model.

Online reviewers enjoyed the software’s storage capabilities, although some reviewers desired the system to have faster functionalities.

Best for Customisation


Zoolz LogoZoolz provides Genie backup tools to help business users secure their data on their devices, file servers, Microsoft SQL and Exchange servers. The products offer several noteworthy features to help users with their particular data backup needs. Examples of these key features and capabilities include the snooze backup options to postpone scheduled backups, backup performance control features to adjust resources and speed up backups, and the battery saving mode for users to suppress backups and save their computer energy. Space saving features include ten compression levels and the ability to purge old backups. Backups are performed based on schedules with additional configurable settings, like snoozing backups and power saving options. Overall the tool is an excellent solution for those looking for customisation options in their backup software.

Users of the Zoolz Genie backup tools can integrate the software with Windows for easy functionality and file management. The cost for the Genie products is dependent on the features and capabilities included, with prices of their business tools ranging from around $59.95 to $500 (£74 to £615).

While reviewers of the Genie backup products enjoyed its overall functionality, some desired additional features such as encrypted backup options and a strong mobile app.

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