Tech Companies in Cheshire to Watch

Starring AeroCloud, AperiData, Intelligent Building Group, Oxbury Bank, Rezy, Tactus Group, Versori and Yimba.

Known for producing chemicals, silk and its own type of cheese, Cheshire is also a beneficiary of the tech boom taking place throughout the UK.

From 2011 to 2020, 389 announced and 502 unannounced tech investment deals took place in the North West, according to a regional summary co-authored by the UK Tech Clusters Group and London Tech Week. In Q1 of 2022, scaleups in the North have received £175 million in VC investments.

The following companies are just a quick sampling of a fertile tech scene ripe for investment and interest.


i) Tech Companies in Cheshire to Watch

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Tech Companies in Cheshire to Watch

1. AeroCloud

Over in Alderley Edge, AeroCloud provides airports with a machine-learning-powered management platform.

On top of the platform’s data and resource management services, airports can train the platform’s AI to predict future passenger flow throughout the airport through repeated use.

The firm got its start in 2017 and has seen some success. In May 2021, it secured $1.7 million (£1.4 million) in seed funding in an investment round led by Playfair Capital.

2. AperiData

Chester-based credit bureau AperiData was founded in 2020 and is attempting to use financial data and analytics to revolutionise credit scoring.

To do this, it provides a variety of services, including open banking and end-to-end business analysis. It also offers what it calls “Decision Management as a Service” to prospective lenders.

May 2022 has been a good month for AperiData. It was authorised as a credit bureau and open banking provider by the Financial Conduct Authority.

3. Intelligent Building Group

Moving from fintech to proptech, we turn to Handforth’s Intelligent Building Group (IBG). The group is composed of four companies: Eticom, Renard Fire and Security, SmoothPower and Hybrid Living.

This collective provides “net zero carbon buildings for [its] clients at zero cost”. On top of net zero buildings, IBG offers clients a number of services, including building automation, security solutions and energy monitoring/metering.

In March 2022, it received £580,000 in funding from Maven Equity Finance. IBG said the funding will enable the business to invest in sales & marketing and expand the team across a number of departments, including operations, installations and commissioning.

4. Oxbury Bank

Founded in 2018 in Chester, Oxbury Bank specialises in lending funds to farmers so they can keep their businesses running.

Farmers looking to work with Oxbury Bank can borrow from £25,000 to £5 million with repayment terms ranging from six to 25 years.

Oxbury made some major moves at the end of March 2022. It announced a £1 billion lending target for 2024. Then, it acquired software company Naqoda for an undisclosed amount. Finally, it received £31 million in Series C funding.

5. Rezy

Altrincham-based Rezy provides both renters and property owners with a real estate asset management platform, focused on rent contracting and payment.

The fintech startup is targeting the B2C and B2B sectors. Rezy will offer digital legal contract and credit card payment services through its website and mobile app.

Founded in 2021, and recently covered by eWeek UK, the firm has big dreams of becoming, in its words, “the first and only real estate-backed challenger bank in the world”. Currently, the company offers its services in both the UK and Turkey.

6. Tactus Group

Operating out of Warrington, Tactus Group has its hands in a number of pies. Its businesses include specialist devices retailer Box, PC builder Chillblast, hardware manufacturer CCL and computer repair specialist Mend It.

It counts Amazon, eBay, and the UK Department of Education among its partners.

With so many businesses in its portfolio, it’s no surprise Tactus had a busy 2021. In September, the firm acquired B2B IT hardware provider Business IT Support Group. It broke into the European market thanks to a partnership with German IT retailer Notebooksbilliger in December. Also in December, Tactus received a £13 million funding package for recruitment and technology platform development.

7. Versori

The youngest company on the list, Versori was founded in Altrincham. In a scoop by eWeek UK in February 2022, the startup popped up to offer enterprise-focused automation and software to a variety of industries including retail, manufacturing and healthcare. Through its platform, users can manage apps like Facebook, Slack, Google Ads and Shopify.

The company provides Switchboard, an Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS). The idea is to let users build their integrations and workflows. Data transformations and workflows can be streamed in real time. Versori is also looking for activity in the competitive fintech sector. Koja is a browser and app-based digital wallet, which connects to a user’s bank account with open banking protocols. E-commerce store owners can install a “snippet” of code to their stores to accept Koja.

In January, the tech startup picked up £1.5 million in seed funding.

8. Yimba

A fintech multimedia and marketing platform, Yimba got its start in Chester in 2019. Its focus is on personalising digital wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay with graphics, sounds and other aesthetic touches to better fit consumer preferences.

On its website, one can find sample personalised cards depicting the likes of Wolverine as depicted in the 1990s X-Men cartoon, music legends like Prince or Elvis Presley, and current-day K-Pop superstars BTS.

In March 2022, it received £500,000 in funding from Maven Equity Finance.

Zephin Livingston
Zephin Livingston
Zephin Livingston is a content writer for eWeek, eWeek UK, IT Business Edge, and SoftwarePundit with years of experience in multiple fields including cybersecurity, tech, cultural criticism, and media literacy. They're currently based out of Seattle.
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