Tech Companies in East Midlands to Watch

Starring Connected Data, eCora, Figura Analytics, Just, OPTIfarm, Percayso Inform, Previsico and Tended.

Comprising such cities as Leicester, Lincoln and Nottingham, the East Midlands has seen much activity in its tech companies since the pandemic.

The stats are good, accountancy firm RMS UK’s analysis shows that tech corporations in the East Midlands increased at 23% in 2021.

With the region made up of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire (except North and North East Lincolnshire), Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland, not every organisation makes the list.

But read on to learn about some of the top firms in the East Midlands that are worth keeping an eye on.


i) Tech Companies in East Midlands to Watch

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Tech Companies in East Midlands to Watch

1. Connected Data

Connected Data is a debt management firm founded in 2020. This Nottingham-based company provides data solutions, analytics and AI for the purpose of managing debt.

Its data-enabled debt management service can also identify opportunities to reduce and prevent debt for their customers.

This spring, Connected Data announced a partnership with the Vulnerability Registration Service to gain access to predictive data technology and obtain early insight into customer vulnerability. Also, in 2022 the company partnered with When Fresh Limited, a property data supplier, to improve its debt resolution and management process.

2. eCora

eCora is a decentralised ledger technology organisation for central bank digital currencies (CBDC).

The Leicester-based company is a programmable money platform for CBDCs and stablecoin, and its product includes multi- and tiered ledgers, governance domains, custody and delegation and private wallets.

In November 2021, the fintech firm filed a patent on its blockchain protocol which allows lower powered devices such as IoT and phones to run a layer one protocol. In a pre-seed round in March last year, eCora raised £190,000 in funding.

3. Figura Analytics

Figura Analytics is a Loughborough-based firm aiming to improve liquid analysis speed and accuracy using nanopore technology.

Its devices enable users to characterise, identify, and quantify particles in a liquid sample without any complicated preparation.

The company was founded in 2020 and has since gained £180,000 in funding from a seed round raised in May 2021 from SFC Capital. With this support and the backing of Loughborough University, The Manufacturing Technology Centre and Innovate Now, Figura Analytics has tested its technology and is preparing it for commercial launch in 2022.

4. Just

Just is a majority-owned subsidiary of The Arum Group that provides customers access to a network of experts to assist with debt recovery, litigation and enforcement services.

The enforcement market integrator uses data, insights and analytics to assess customers and determine the best treatment strategies based on their circumstances.

Just is based in Nottingham and was created in 2019. Since then, it has expanded its team and made partnerships with firms like Chandlers Enforcement Agents. Additionally, it has gained membership with The Civil Enforcement Association.

5. OPTIfarm

OPTIfarm, founded in 2018, is a remote support and observation facility for broiler farms. It provides farming services and real-time recommendations using software and data analytics to provide new insights to support these farms.

The firm has headquarters based in Chesterfield, but operates globally in various territories to help clients increase their farm income. It monitors natural behaviours through data interpretation and image analysis to support the health and improvement of livestock. In addition, it performs automatic logic testing in real-time to gain insights using AI and machine learning.

This year, OPTIfarm has been conducting a project monitoring flocks to improve the company’s knowledge of intensively raised broiler chicken behaviours.

6. Percayso Inform

Percayso Inform provides insurance solutions for insurers, brokers and MGAs. It uses data processing and enrichment to discover insights to assist customers through all stages of the insurance lifecycle.

The Nottingham-based insurance data intelligence provider was founded in 2016 and has since grown its team and focused on developing its software platform.

In February 2022, Percayso Inform announced a £3.4 million investment led by Manchester-based venture capital investor Praetura Ventures to be used for product development and further expansion to new sectors of the UK insurance market. The company also partnered with SYNETIQ this year to further enhance its vehicle data services.

7. Previsico

Previsico, founded in 2019, is a flood forecasting provider specialising in real-time flood predictions and weather forecasts.

The Loughborough-based provider uses modelling technology, street-level flood prediction, and analytical solutions to provide hyperlocal forecasts and help mitigate the effects of flooding.

Previsico’s total funding amount of £2.5 million was raised over two rounds in June 2020 and September 2021. This year it has teamed up with Liberty Specialty Markets to improve its flood prediction capabilities and Watertight International to boost flood resilience.

8. Tended

Tended is a Lincoln-based firm aiming to improve workplace safety and safety culture through real-time insights, maturity model scoring, wearable technology and targeted microlearning.

Its solution uses data and safety culture monitoring to provide organisations in high-risk industries with feedback about areas and methods to improve their safety and promote positive behavioural change.

Since the company was founded in 2017, it has raised a total funding amount of $6 million (£5 million) over six rounds, most recently in November 2021. The company plans to use this funding to improve workplace safety and site efficiency.

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