Fintech Firm Fana Readies for E-Commerce Checkout Crusade

London-based company says it is “building the future of philanthropy” - a market it reckons stands at $450 billion (£364.5 billion). 

London-based fintech startup Fana is out to get fans with its plans to unveil e-commerce checkout linked giving from merchants into a digital wallet.

Fana says it is “building the future of philanthropy” – a market it reckons stands at $450 billion (£364.5 billion).

Along with the merchants, Fana’s idea is to let consumers then become allocators, and they will be offered a selection of impact causes in its app. This giving cycle will be gamified socially with digital assets (such as collectibles and rewards) on blockchain.

Fana explains: “It all begins with an idea. What if we can make giving a habit? Allowing merchants and consumers to make an impact… Every day! Changing the world, one checkout at a time.”

Based on the information, Fana isn’t a non-profit organisation in this fintech-meets-philanthropy field.

For example, in the US there is Goodworld. Its software is used to fundraise, connect communities and “power social impact movements”.

Also in the US, there is Softgiving, which makes money from the relationship between non-profits and their donors by enabling the way people can give; and Drops, which lets uses round up credit card purchases and donate the spare change to charity.

However, Fana is focused on the UK and is using Web3 and blockchain for its ambitions.

The fintech company is in stealth mode right now and its website is a holding page as it readies for official launch of its app.

Fana has three founders – Nicholas Bottino, Robin Yan and Daniel Ishigami. They are all co-founders of financial services firm StealthCap.

As the name suggests, StealthCap works with founders and teams to help them create “liquidity solutions”. Its website is remarkably free of any more details. Although, its motto does say: “Work hard in silence, let success make the noise.”

With Fana being very new on the nation’s tech scene, it is currently looking for a full-stack mobile developer.

Antony Peyton
Antony Peyton
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