Fintech Startup Gryyn Gears Up for Travel Industry Launch

In with a Gryyn? The London-based company sees itself as a bank and multi-service platform - and has a lot of ambitions.

There may be grins on the way as fintech startup Gryyn is in the process of unleashing its services for the travel industry.

The London-based company sees itself as a bank and multi-service platform.

Gryyn says it wants to help travellers have a “safer, more informed and enriched travel and banking experience”.

The fintech firm has the B2C and B2B markets on its mind as it will offer services to travellers, brands and group travel companies from all over the world.

This will entail a communications app for free text (SMS/MMS), voice and video calls, photo sharing and games. In addition, Gryyn has the competitive cryptocurrency sector in its sights as it will allow customers the options to exchange, buy, send and receive crypto assets.

While there are no details yet, Gryyn also plans to provide services used in transport, food ordering, commuting, digital payments, logistics, retail shopping, hyper-local delivery and grocery shopping.

The startup was founded by Mathieu J. (He prefers his family name to be kept private.) J is also the founder of real estate company SKWER and mobile power firm Polare.

While Gryyn’s website is not functioning yet, it is active on social media. J is looking to hire a co-founder to help with the fintech startup and for investors.

According to Companies House, Gryyn was incorporated last week. However, on LinkedIn, J explains that building Gryyn started years ago when the first version helped travellers move to London and Paris.

He took “a step back” from that and has now returned with ambitions to create a “super app”.

Antony Peyton
Antony Peyton
Antony Peyton is the Editor of eWeek UK. He has 18 years' journalism and writing experience. His career has taken him to China, Japan and the UK - covering tech, fintech and business. Follow on Twitter @TonyFintech.

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