RPA Companies to Watch in the UK

The 21st century has been a good one for robotic process automation, so we take a look at some notable names across the country.

Short for robotic process automation, RPA has been around for decades under a number of names, but the 21st century has been particularly kind to it, with innovations like cloud computing making it easier to train and deploy AI than ever.

These advancements, coupled with the UK’s tech boom, have cultivated a rich crop of top RPA talent in the nation. International leaders in RPA have taken notice as well. In late June 2022, American RPA entity Kofax bought London-based e-invoicing firm Tungsten Network. While in March this year, Connecticut-headquartered SS&C completed its acquisition of Blue Prism.

We’ve looked at the best RPA software and tools in the UK, and we’ve discussed the state of RPA.

This time, however, we’ll be looking at homegrown talent and RPA companies worth watching in the UK.


RPA Companies to Watch in the UK

RPA Companies to Watch in the UK

1. Enterprise RPA

Manchester-based Enterprise RPA offers digital assistant, RPA and AI services to interested business clients. It says the implementation of its automated software “can cost as little as a third of the cost of full-time employees,” though it didn’t provide a source on that maths.

These solutions lie in a number of sectors, such as housing, healthcare, human resources and construction.

Notable clients include the University of Auckland, the NHS and Optivo. Enterprise RPA is partnered with RPA leaders UiPath, who had one of the largest software IPOs in history last year.

2. Ether Solutions

Over in Buckinghamshire, Ether Solutions is a consultancy firm specialising in implementing and advising on the use of software like UiPath Studio, UiPath Orchestrator and UiPath Cloud Automation. Unsurprisingly, yes, it is partnered with UiPath in the UK.

On top of UiPath, Ether Solutions offers solutions from Kofax, such as Kofax Capture and Kofax VRS. Industries it advises on include finance, logistics and manufacturing. With over 20 years in the industry, it is one of the longest-tenured RPA firms in the nation.

Though quiet for most of 2020 and 2021, Ether Solutions has begun maintaining a fairly active presence on social media like Twitter and LinkedIn, posting articles on RPA written by its long-tenured experts in the field.

3. FD Intelligence

FD Intelligence makes its return to eWeek UK after being featured on our companies to watch in Edinburgh feature in January 2022. Its RPA solutions can be found in industries like hospitality, accountancy, IT services and human resources.

Like Ether Solutions and Enterprise RPA before them, it is a proud UiPath partner. It is also a Certified Partner of California-based analytics and provider of intelligent document processing ABBYY.

For those curious, the “FD” in FD Intelligence stands for “French Duncan”, a 100+ year-old business advisory and accountancy partnership from Edinburgh. FD Intelligence is part of the French Duncan family of organisations.

4. Protiviti

The UK branch of global consulting firm Protiviti, Protiviti UK offers solutions for RPA, operational resilience and managed business solutions, among others.

It has a diverse range of RPA-specific solutions such as process evaluation, BOT development, and training and change management.

As part of its RPA services, it has strategic partnerships with UiPath and BluePrism. Speaking of partnerships, Protiviti was named a Finalist for Microsoft Partner of the Year awards in the Compliance and Power Automate categories in late June 2022.

5. Robocloud

Over in Wales, Robocloud offers intelligent process automation solutions to provide services like employee onboarding, account and statement reconciliation, and data migration. It can automate multiple areas of a business including customer service, administration, finance and IT.

Robocloud has VirginCare, Impakt Solutions and moving company Evo Group as clients.

According to its website, £11 million in invoices have been processed by the company. It’s part of UK-based document management services firm Cleardata.

6. Robiquity

Manchester-based Robiquity helps companies find the right RPA solution for their business needs. With its operational model known as A.T.O.M., Robiquity takes clients through a five-step process which will, hopefully, lead them to RPA success.

Notable clients have included the likes of telecom giant Virgin Media, retailer AO.com, Deloitte and eBay. It has partnerships with most of the major names in RPA, including Microsoft, UiPath and Blue Prism.

Robiquity also sponsors the British professional ice hockey team, the Manchester Storm.

7. RPA Health

Unlike the other firms on this list, RPA Health focuses on a specific industry for its RPA services and solutions. As the name implies, this industry is healthcare. Notable partners include Helicon Health and Summit Healthcare.

The London-based company explains that it has provided automation and integration services to over 1,500 hospitals and GP offices throughout the UK, US and Canada. In fact, RPA Health purports to have provided these solutions to over 90% of private hospitals in the UK.

Though relatively quiet so far in 2022, RPA Health announced a partnership with healthcare solutions provider Lyniate in October 2021 to provide RPA services to healthcare providers and related organisations in the UK and Ireland.

Zephin Livingston
Zephin Livingston
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