Peak Technologies Shows Heart in Carbon Reduction Initiative

Tech firm in Chippenham teams up with the British Heart Foundation for a game of 'second life'.

Wiltshire-based Peak Technologies is working with its charity partner the British Heart Foundation (BHF) in an initiative that helps firms to meet Net Zero targets.

Peak Technologies, a provider of digital supply chain, mobile workforce and retail solutions, says it is collecting ‘preloved’ technology, such as “rugged” handheld computers, tablets and other mobile devices, and finding new homes for them with the help of BHF.

The charity then wipes the devices to a “military standard” and sells them via its eBay store. Also, for every mobile handset supplied to BHF, Peak Technologies will ensure a tree is planted on the customer’s behalf.

Karen O’Donoghue, Head of Retail Partnerships at the British Heart Foundation, explains: “Not only does it support the donation of tonnes of electronic waste for reuse and create a sustainable business model for a circular economy, but it will also help us at the BHF fund vital scientific breakthroughs that will help save lives.”

René Schrama, UK Managing Director for Peak Technologies, adds: “Whether your passion is refreshing your tech, recycling or funding vital medical research, our expertise can expedite your Net Zero strategy.”

According to Peak Technologies, the carbon reduction initiative has various benefits.

For instance, it will save electronic waste from entering landfills; and the technology for second users has an environmental and economic dividend.

In addition, sales of donated items via the BHF eBay store will help the charity fund heart research for the 7.6 million people in the UK living with heart and circulatory diseases.

And of course, each tree planted through the initiative can recapture CO2.

BHF uses a service called Blancco to wipe the devices for reselling. As each device is sold through BHF’s eBay store, Peak Technologies then commissions the planting of a tree through the HutGroup’s more:trees platform. Each customer will subsequently receive a certificate, informing them about the amount of CO2 they have saved.

Peak Technologies is headquartered in Chippenham. It has clients in the UK, Europe and North America. Notable customers on its website include Nikon and DHL.

Antony Peyton
Antony Peyton
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