Five Things to Know About Next-Gen Network Detection and Response

Bad actors are always on the lookout for ways to infiltrate sensitive networks. However, Eyal Elyashiv, CEO at Cynamics, offers some good advice to counter such threats.

Most network detection and response solutions and network performance monitoring and diagnostic tools are still using the same paradigm that was invented three decades ago. Meanwhile, networks have dramatically changed, growing increasingly complex and interconnected, leading to a heightened risk of vulnerabilities and back doors.

Bad actors are always on the lookout for ways to infiltrate sensitive networks; overly complex, linked systems allow them to enter the network without detection. Existing monitoring solutions are limited and expensive, which can lead to significant blind spots in the network. Network detection and response (NDR) solutions create the visibility modern organizations require as part of a comprehensive security strategy – but, unfortunately, not all NDRs are created equal.

Here are five things to consider when selecting the best NDR for your organization.

Blind Spots in Your Network are Leaving You Open to Ransomware and Other Risks

A lack of network visibility is like wearing a target on your back, attackers prey on weaknesses, and every unseen section of your network is a potential entry point to exploit. According to analysts at Enterprise Management Associates, aside from the atypical insider attack, 99% of cyberattacks travel through the network in some fashion.

Legacy Solutions Require a Large Percentage of Network Traffic to Analyze Activity

Traditional solutions require a significant percentage of network traffic to analyze activity, but this is no longer practical or economical due to the growing network size. Ultimately, organizations end up limiting protection of their network to certain areas, exposing major areas of the network everywhere – from IP phone systems and IoT devices to the network core – resulting in a large vulnerable blind spot.

Additionally, modern environments handle petabytes of data per second, whereas the solutions are limited to about 40 gigabytes per second at most; the equivalent of monitoring a drop of water in the sea. By contrast, some next-gen NDR solutions only need to look at a small fraction of network traffic – using a sampling-based approach.

The New Generation of Network Detection Tools Bring AI and Automation to the Table

Originally referred to as “network traffic analysis,” the technology now known as NDR has evolved to address the need for response capabilities – both automated and manual. This significant change highlights the importance of discovering hidden traffic patterns preceding attacks for rapid, precise prediction to block today’s most damaging threats – including ransomware and DDoS attacks – long before they reach sensitive assets.

Next-Gen Solutions are Quicker to Deploy

Bulky legacy network detection solutions are slow and costly to set up – they require a significant amount of overhead, training and resources, which delays meaningful results for months, leading to restricted and out-of-date conclusions.

Most existing solutions are also Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)-based, which means they capture processes and analyze each and every packet. This results in a solution that’s not only difficult and expensive to deploy but also provides slow detection at best.

These challenges frustrate businesses, as well as MSPs and MSSPs tasked with providing security and IT services to their customers. Next-gen solutions can be SaaS-based and self-managed so users can quickly and efficiently onboard independently.

While Traditional Solutions are Hard to Scale, Next-Gen Solutions Aren’t

Most vendors use probes, span or tap ports to analyze network traffic. This appliance-based approach doesn’t scale easily and it expands an organization’s attack surface. Next-gen solutions, by contrast, can scale no matter the size and complexity of the network for complete coverage, exposing blind spots and vulnerabilities.

Seeing is Securing

Legacy network monitoring solutions don’t stand a chance against today’s continually evolving landscape, deploying solutions with limited visibility is asking for trouble. In order to keep your organization safe and protected against sophisticated attackers, comprehensive visibility is no longer an option, but a priority.

By Eyal Elyashiv, CEO, Cynamics.

Cynamics offers a solution which uses standard sampling protocols built-in to every gateway, patented algorithms, and AI and machine learning, to provide threat prediction and visibility.

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