The Best ERP Software in the UK

A comprehensive review and analysis of the varied enterprise resource planning software options on the market.

A successful business is like a well-oiled machine. That is to say, there are many moving parts involved that need to be working correctly to achieve the best possible results of the overall system. Organisations use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to streamline their business planning and simplify their management processes all in one system. 

The convenient functionality of this software can be highly advantageous to organisations using it, and trends show that this type of management technology isn’t going to lose popularity any time soon.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global ERP software market size is expected to grow and is projected to reach $71.6 billion (£54.2 billion) by 2026. As a result, many different software tech companies have begun to create digital ERP software solutions for businesses and organisations in the UK, with trending capabilities such as automation and cloud-based software features.

In this list, we will discuss several UK software companies and the ERP solutions they provide. As we analyse these options, we will be looking at multiple important features, such as the product capabilities, integrations, prices and the reviews of their users.

With this information, we have organised these products into different categories based on their strengths and what they offer to their customers.

The Importance and Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning Software

ERP is used by organisations in the UK and worldwide to streamline their business processes. These systems let users access data and reporting from multiple areas, and integration capabilities can allow this to be done easily across numerous tools.

Organisations must manage many different business processes to reach optimal success, including financials, sales, manufacturing, HR and more. Of course, individual management software tools can exist for each business process, but with so much to handle, utilising multiple products at once can become inconvenient and cumbersome for users trying to gain insights from all their areas of operation. The best way to access all of the data and software for each work process and manage it in one system would be through the use of ERP software.

Best for Experienced Users

Sage ERP Software

Sage Business Cloud X3 is a customisable ERP software for businesses. This software solution is cloud-based but can also be installed locally. It connects supply chain, financial and production management, and contains helpful features such as automatic data backups. It is designed to scale along with users’ business as it develops and works with the requirements and procedures specific to their organisation.

Users’ data is protected, as the system performs threat intelligence monitoring and regular system patches. Resource scheduling software simplifies planning for organisations, and financials are available when needed. For what the system can’t do itself, it has integrations with various other work management solutions.

Sounds like everything you would need, huh? Well, reviewers seem overall pretty happy with the system, although some reviews suggest that the system can be complicated for beginners who are less tech-savvy with enterprise management software.

Best for Industry-Specific Features

OrderWise ERP System

OrderWise’s ERP system allows organisations to grow and evolve with a system that streamlines multiple management operations. It enable businesses to decide whether they would like to host their software in the cloud, on-premises or a combination of both.

OrderWise provides ERP systems that are specific to different industries, such as wholesale, merchant and trader, retail, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and more. Its software includes features such as reporting and KPIs, warehouse automation, CRM and manufacturing, to name a few. A unique capability of this software would be stock control, providing users with stick visibility and traceability features.

While the prices of these tools are not provided online, most reviewers seem satisfied with their system’s service capabilities. The OrderWise ERP system seems like an excellent system for businesses that require specific tools for their industries.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an agile ERP system that provides businesses with integrated applications that help them manage their processes together on one system.

Its business applications include sales, commerce, HR, service, marketing, finance and operations. It also provides industry-specific solutions for healthcare, retail, manufacturing and financial services. Notable features include connected processes, data, and analytics that allow businesses to gain insight into their practices.

This product is, of course, suitable for organisations that already conduct business through Microsoft applications, as these applications can be easily integrated with the system. However, it also has integration capabilities with various third-party applications like marketing automation, finance, operations and BI tools.

Pricing is determined based on the buyer’s business area and is generally priced per user each month. Most customers using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 tool seem to enjoy the web-based platform; however, some reviewers say that they wish the product had more options for customisation.

Best for Scalability and Growth

Oracle NetSuite  

Oracle NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP software system uses automation in its features to take responsibility off of its users. In addition to regular features such as financial planning and management, order management, production management, supply chain management, and warehouse and fulfillment, it also offers procurement capabilities. Its procurement tool helps users with cost certainty, and it automates and links key procurement transactions to improve the accuracy of procure-to-pay processes. Additionally, the scalable system allows users to add functionality as their business develops, which can be done through NetSuite upgrades. It also provides integrations through partnerships with companies such as Deloitte, Accenture, Informatica, Capgemini and Wipro. Users can also build apps of their own on the platform with the integrated development environment and APIs.

Customers who use the product have stated in reviews that they enjoy their integration capabilities. However, some seem to be less-than-thrilled with the pricing system. The system’s cost is measured in pricing tiers based on the users’ needs and a subscription-based pricing model with a minimum of one year per contract. So if you decide to give the Oracle NetSuite ERP software a chance, make sure that you choose a payment plan that you will be satisfied with.


SAP S/4HANA Cloud’s ERP software is advertised as a tool that allows users to change and evolve their systems as their businesses grow. It is cloud-based, but users can also take advantage of the other options, including public cloud, private cloud and on-premises.

The tool comes with features such as analytics, intelligent process automation, UX, machine learning and AI. An interesting factor to this tool is its in-memory database which supports the scalability of this product. This in-memory data model allows for easy adoption of new functionalities as your business grows. The system also has native integration between integrated scheduling, service management, and transportation management processes.

Customer reviews for this product seem to be largely in favour of it, citing its speed and user-friendliness as notable perks.

Best for Startups and Small Businesses

Enterpryze ERP Package

Enterpryze ERP Package software brings together data from multiple business processes into one cloud-based ERP solution. It has capabilities for managing accounting, lead tracking, reporting, service, banking and even stock takes.

This system contains features that are particularly helpful for companies who desire a solution for managing deliveries and multiple warehouses (this tool lets users manage up to 50 warehouses and locations). Therefore, supply chain organisations would likely benefit.

Additionally, Enterpryze ERP has solutions explicitly created with startups and small businesses in mind. With tools like CRM, reports, 500 gigabyte storage, and advanced purchasing and sales, users can easily stay on top of their business practices. The product integrates with many other services, and all of the data is easily accessible through Android and iOS mobile apps.

After a free trial, prices for the ERP package start at £72 per month per user for a minimum of four users. Reviewers state that the software is still a helpful tool for startups and small to mid-level businesses, aside from some bugs and report customisation difficulties.

MRPeasy Enterprise Resource Planning

MRPeasy ERP is an integrated software system for manufacturing and business growth. The system is cloud-based so that users can access it anywhere there is an internet connection. Its features include stock/inventory management, accounting visibility, purchase management, sales management, production planning and even team management.

Additional features are specific to MRPeasy plans, as the system is available for users at Starter, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited plans. The pricing for the product is based on plans and the number of users, and each plan includes free updates and free software maintenance.

As for integrations, this product has plenty of options with popular third-party systems such as Amazon, Hubspot, Dropbox, Google Drive, Shopify, Intuit Quickbooks and more.

Some reviewers of the product seem to wish that the functions could be more flexible and tailored to their needs. However, most customer reviews expressed satisfaction with the tool and praised its ease of use and simple integrations. Due to the easy functionality of the product, this software would be best for users who are newer to the business or smaller organisations that require less advanced features.

Best for Customer Relationship Management

Exel ERP Software EFACS E/8 

Exel’s EFACS E/8 ERP Software is an integrated browser-based solution designed for the needs of modern-day manufacturing companies. A great feature of this product is its customer relationship management capabilities that allow users to manage their interactions with their customers and prospective customers.

Other features include financial management, document management, and advanced accessibility through mobile and touchscreen solutions. In addition, email automation and automation of business tasks can save time for company staff members.

Users of this product can also benefit from the software’s audit trail module, high-resolution reporting, data mining, and online analytical processing capabilities through which companies can gain valuable insights and improve their financial management.

The connected system can be run in multiple languages and allows for the customisation and creation of new applications through the customisation toolkit. However, some reviewers have expressed difficulty with customisation in the system, so that feature may not be suitable for less tech-savvy users.

Choosing the Best ERP Software for Your Organisation

ERP software systems can have various functions and capabilities, and not all of their features may be as useful to one business as they would be to another. Therefore, it is essential that you keep the needs business and the desired capabilities of your ideal system in mind when choosing an ERP tool for your organisation.

For example, suppose your organisation is a supply chain company. In that case, you may benefit from using an ERP software system with more features for tracking stock and inventory or managing multiple warehouse locations.

The size of your business is a factor that should be considered when deciding on a solution as well. This is because many solutions are more suitable for startups and small to mid-level organisations, and the number of users within your organisation could affect the price of the product you choose.

Finally, it would help to think about how experienced you and your team members are with management software solutions. More customisable ERP software products may be more difficult for less technologically experienced individuals to utilise.

It is helpful to consider factors such as these when choosing your ERP software solution so that you can find the best one for your business.

Madeline Clarke
Madeline Clarke
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