Coadjute, Metaview and Breathe Battery Technologies Get Funding

Welcome news in London for a blockchain proptech, an interview Intelligence platform and a battery management software provider.

It’s all happening in London with Coadjute, Metaview and Breathe Battery Technologies picking up tech funding in a variety of interesting sectors.

Coadjute, a blockchain network for the property market, has announced a £6 million investment funding round led by Manchester-based Praetura Ventures.

Metaview has secured a £4.5 million Seed investment led by Vertex Ventures US. Metaview provides an interview intelligence platform that allows businesses to capture data and analytics from hiring interviews.

Breathe Battery Technologies has raised £1.5 million to help with the deployment of its battery management algorithms in electric vehicles and smartphones.

Coadjute Feels Cosy

Founded in 2018, London-based Coadjute says this round takes its total raised to £10 million. In the latest round it was also supported by three US institutions: New York based blockchain firm Collab+Currency, The LegalTech Fund and Miami-based Rocket One Capital.

The blockchain proptech enables the existing software used by estate agents, conveyancers, mortgage brokers and lenders to become interoperable, so the parties involved in a property transaction can synchronise and share progress updates, property information, digital identities and payments. Coadjute’s first live transaction was announced earlier this year.

Dan Salmons, CEO of Coadjute, comments: “With the strong backing we have from Praetura Ventures and our other international investors we will now start to roll out our network across the UK market. The revolution in how property transactions are done has started.”

Coadjute says the funds will also be used to expand its sales and marketing activities and operational team, and introduce new services such as the movement of digital identities, mortgage funds and property titles over the network.

As part of the round, Praetura Venture’s Operational Partner Colin Greene will be joining as a non-executive director on Coadjute’s board. He has previously held senior positions at Apple, including CEO of Apple Korea and leading the Apple US Consumer Retail business.

Metaview Goes Hire/Higher

Metaview was set up in 2018 and says it has grown over 300% YoY. It is used by such firms as Robinhood, Anduril, AngelList and Hudl.

Its platform records and transcribes interviews, then provides data alongside automated training tools to “help individual interviewers and broader hiring teams improve”.

The latest funding round brings the total amount raised to $7.6 million (£5.7 million). The round included additional investors Fly Ventures, Seedcamp, Village Global, PrimeSet, Moving Capital (Uber alumni fund) and Palumni (Palantir alumni fund).

Metaview will use the funding to develop its product offering, for market expansion across Europe and the US, and triple its team size over 2022.

Siadhal Magos, Co-Founder and CEO of Metaview, explains: “Our mission is to power hiring decisions with truth. The best companies know it’s their people that determine their ability to succeed as an organisation. Yet for the longest time they’ve been recruiting based on guesswork, memory, and bias. Previously, any data that was used to improve hiring performance only ever measured the symptoms, never the causes. Now we can bring transparency to the previously opaque interview process, and use technology to improve the most important moments in hiring.”

The firm was founded by Magos and Shahriar Tajbakhsh, product and engineering leads from Uber and Palantir respectively.

Breathe Easy

Launched May 2019 as a spin-out from Imperial College London’s Electrochemical Science & Engineering group, Breathe believes that the intelligence of battery management systems lies in the software, and the company has created Lincc, a health-adaptive charging software.

The firm reckons battery management systems are the brains behind batteries in devices and vehicles. It notes that advances in this field can help vehicles run for longer and charge faster.

Breathe Co-Founder and CEO Dr Ian Campbell states: “We were inspired by the need to electrify our planet’s transport systems to combat climate change and air pollution – hence the company name. We’re beginning with automotive electrification, and on a longer timeframe we’ll move to the maritime and aerospace markets.”

The tech startup was co-founded by Campbell alongside CTO Dr Yan Zhao and Chief Scientist Professor Greg Offer.

Campbell and Zhao both have PhD degrees in lithium-ion battery engineering from Imperial College London, where Offer manages a 40+ person research group into battery engineering. He also leads the £17.9 million Faraday Multi-scale Modelling programme, part of the Faraday Battery Challenge – a £330 million government funding programme for battery research, innovation and commercialisation.

Led by Speedinvest, the new funding round will be used for existing client projects across both the consumer electronics and EV markets, and to expand its engineering team. The company’s current client list includes manufacturers across Europe, China and North America.

Antony Peyton
Antony Peyton
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