Djinn Desires Magical Days with Volumetrics as a Service Launch

“From the land beyond beyond, from the world past hope and fear, I bid you, Djinn, now appear!”

Wish you were here? London-based tech startup Djinn Technologies has appeared on the scene to offer a Volumetrics as a Service (VaaS) platform.

Djinn wants to command the attention of mortals and provides access to a range of volumetric sensors, capable of providing real-time streaming, capturing and playback of point-cloud data.

The core concept is to allow people to use volumetric sensors for a variety of use cases, such as livestreaming and virtual production.

Like a djinn or genie, tech firm Djinn knows how to make an entrance.

On Twitter, Djinn quotes the entertaining 1958 movie The 7th Voyage of Sinbad in its first tweet: “From the land beyond beyond, from the world past hope and fear, I bid you, Djinn, now appear!”

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The startup isn’t the creation of an invisible spirit, formerly contained in a bottle or lamp. Rather, it has been magicked into existence by the earthly duo of Carl Hayden-Smith and Jean-Brunel Webb-Benjamin.

Hayden-Smith’s experience includes Interim Head of Research and Director of the Learning Technology Research Centre at Ravensbourne University in London, while Webb-Benjamin is the CEO of app development / cybersecurity company Kryotech.

Along with its VaaS platform, Djinn offers other services, either academically or commercially.

These include LiDAR scanning, photogrammetry, 3D reconstruction, and antiquity & ecological virtual preservation.

Djinn is very new to the UK’s tech scene, but it did recently have news to share.

The startup announced it has become principal members of the Metaverse Standards Forum. The idea is to shape the future of the virtual and augmented worlds, discussing and defining standards and ethics. Djinn says it is already involved in the discussions on defining the metaverse.

According to Crunchbase, Djinn has raised £20,000 in a pre-seed round in April. It seems an early wish for financial support has come true.

Antony Peyton
Antony Peyton
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