Eight Tech Companies in Edinburgh to Watch

Life in the capital is buzzing as we take a look at Blockchain Technology Partners, FD Intelligence, Love Your Employees, Net AI, Pawprint, Space Intelligence, Trade in Space and Trickle.

With the world being unpredictable over the last two years, one thing that has remained considerably steady has been the expansion of the tech scene within the UK. Edinburgh is one location that has recently seen notable growth in the tech business scene. 

According to recent data from industry growth platform Tech Nation and job search engine Adzuna, 31% of all job roles in Edinburgh are in the tech sector, supporting its current standing as the city’s fastest-growing sector. As tech job opportunities continue to emerge, more professionals are gathering together in the area to develop advanced technological solutions and businesses, supporting Edinburgh’s potential toward becoming the next great UK tech hub.

With this positive state to consider, here’s a look at eight notable tech companies in the Scottish capital.

Blockchain Technology Partners

Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP) is an enterprise blockchain company that aims to provide UK organisations with the benefits of distributed ledgers, information security and smart contracts.

Founded in 2018, the company supports businesses with digital communication solutions. BTP has raised £2 million in seed investment from Force Over Mass Capital and Signature Ventures throughout the previous year.

It has also established partnerships through its platform, Sextant, with several other businesses, including Taekion, LiquidShare and TYDEi Health. And if all of that wasn’t enough evidence to support its growth in the industry, it also recently became a member of The Blockchain Research Institute.

FD Intelligence

FD Intelligence provides robotic process automation (RPA) software and products for businesses in the UK.

It is a privately held computer software company and was founded in 2020. While its main focus is RPA, it also specialises in business systems analysis, invoice processing, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), accounting automation and systems architecture.

According to updates on LinkedIn, the company has recently been looking to expand its workforce and develop white papers and case studies to exemplify the value and importance of RPA.

Love Your Employees

Founded in 2020, Love Your Employees is an employee benefit and wellbeing marketplace.

It serves UK businesses by sourcing support services and benefits that meet the requirements and specifications of their workforce. The platform brings suppliers, providers, and consultants together in one place, allowing employers to view their market options.

The company has been making efforts to increase its networking outreach through participation in HR events, and recently it announced a partnership with Headstone, a UK fintech employee benefits company.

Net AI

Net Al is a company that provides cloud-based network management solutions for UK organisations.

eWeek UK previously covered this company in October and its plans to change the face of 5G network management with automated AI-based software.

Net Al was founded in 2020 from the University of Edinburgh and has been making significant strides since. The startup has been supported with seed investment funding from a group of venture funds from several investors and is currently hiring new staff members to expand its workforce.


Pawprint is an employee engagement service founded in 2019.

Its “eco companion” mission is to help UK organisations reduce their carbon footprints and fight climate change by empowering their employees and uniting them on this mission.

The company has had several large companies sign up to use its app throughout the last year, including Fieldfisher, Tesco Bank and Brewdog. It also recently partnered with AMP Clean Energy and became a B-Corp business. So it is safe to say this company is headed in the right direction.

Space Intelligence

Space Intelligence helps businesses to support environmental protection through data analysis and intelligence generation.

It works by gaining actionable business intelligence from satellite data insights and selling this to organisations. Buyers can then use this intelligence to reduce their environmental impact, as insights are gained through data related to deforestation mapping, forest degradation, marine mapping and more.

Since the company was founded in 2017, it has been involved with events like the COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference Fringe Festival. In addition, it recently launched GOOD-COP, its platform which displays forest carbon project data.

Trade in Space

Founded in 2018, Trade in Space is a computer software company that provides smart contracting solutions for agricultural businesses.

Through the utilisation of satellite insights, blockchain technology and remote sensing capabilities, Trade in Space’s software helps to support agricultural commodities and simplify global trade and supply-chain management processes.

Last month the startup discussed the impact of its visit to Colombia – giving it a commercial presence in the South American country.


Trickle is a company that provides employee engagement solutions for workplaces and organisations.

Founded in 2017, Trickle has supported public and commercial sector clients worldwide to improve their workplaces and support their employees’ wellbeing. The company has raised £1.4 million in two rounds of seed funding thus far, and within the past year, it has announced a new partnership with Purpose HR.

Currently, it appears to be dedicating its efforts toward hiring new employees to expand its workforce.

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Madeline Clarke
Madeline Clarke
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