Microsoft Unveils AI for Environmental Sustainability Accelerator

“Partnerships involving technology will play a vital role in tackling the environmental challenges facing the planet..."

Green things are on the menu as Microsoft is calling for UK startups that are tackling environmental challenges to join its new accelerator programme. 

The AI for Environmental Sustainability Accelerator, which has been launched in partnership with The Met Office and Social Tech Trust, will help companies with a product or solution idea that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to have a positive impact in one of six areas – carbon, water, waste, ecosystems, climate equity and green skilling.

The startups that are chosen to join the four-month programme will receive Microsoft Azure cloud credits, advice from experts on AI, technology, commercial development and social impact, and workshops. In addition, they get coaching from Microsoft, The Met Office and Social Tech Trust, networking opportunities and funding support.

Edith Szendrodi, Head of Programmes for AI for Environmental Sustainability at Microsoft UK, says: “Partnerships involving technology will play a vital role in tackling the environmental challenges facing the planet, and Microsoft has launched tools such as the Emissions Impact Dashboard and Cloud for Sustainability to help others start their sustainability journeys.”

There is no cost for startups taking part in the accelerator; and Microsoft, The Met Office and Social Tech Trust will not take any equity in the businesses. The startups also retain all intellectual property rights.

After the cohort ends, all the companies will remain part of the Microsoft for Startups/Global Social Entrepreneurship Programme community for a further eight months to continue their technical and sales enablement development. The alumni will also join Social Tech Trust’s portfolio, where they will receive ongoing support from the team and have access to a network of social tech alumni.

The accelerator will start in mid-March and run until June. To apply, click here. The deadline for applications is 13 February.

Environmental matters have captured the attention of many enterprises in the UK. Recently, eWeek UK looked at ‘Sense and Sustainability: How Tech Is Mobilising for a Climate Change Future’.

The article explained how businesses have made their moves in response to the coming climate crisis.

Antony Peyton
Antony Peyton
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