SaaS Startup Admin Accelerator Powers Up in Middlesbrough

Admin Accelerator wants to be a one-stop shop and caters for sales, HR, contacts and document management; recruitment ATS; and staff training and compliance.

Admin Accelerator would like a quick word as it has fired up to provide SaaS productivity tools for businesses.

Middlesbrough-based Admin Accelerator (aka AdminXL) is the creation of Ben Kenyon. He formerly worked as Head of Business Development at SaaS company Salesfire. Kenyon also runs 360fusion, a firm offering 360° virtual tours and panoramic photography.

Admin Accelerator reckons the status quo in the B2B space is not a pretty picture. The firm believes that most small businesses use around four to five different software products or spreadsheets to manage sales, HR, documents, e-signatures and training. However, while no source is mentioned, it says small businesses only use about 20% of all the functionality available.

The speed-loving startup wants to cover “the essentials” and be a one-stop shop.

Admin Accelerator’s website explains that it caters for sales, HR, contacts and document management; recruitment ATS (Applicant Tracking System); and staff training and compliance.

For example, in terms of sales management, the firm offers sales CRM software. This is designed to manage sales from leads to deals to contract wins. The sales system enables users to track the stages of the sale, including notes on each deal, sales forecasts and a built-in email template system with the ability to attach documents.

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With HR management, business users can manage staff details in one place, keep logs of start and end dates, use job description templates or create their own, and manage onboarding checklists and staff personal details.

The ATS lets users create new job roles and manage the recruitment process. The firm has created a number of email templates for customers to send to applicants during each stage of the processes, including rejection letters. (Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘a form rejection’.)

Admin Accelerator is not just about software and systems. It has also created a number of courses/videos on matters like fire safety or cybersecurity that are included in the price of a subscription. The idea is to ensure businesses are compliant and “legally better protected for incidents”.

The startup might be on to a good thing as based on data from the UK Parliament and the Federation of Small Businesses there were 5.5 million SMEs in the UK last year.

Antony Peyton
Antony Peyton
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