Wisterias Care Management System Carefully Powers Up in Manchester

Healthtech startup was born from the challenges of working in the care sector during COVID-19.

Tech startup Wisterias Care Management System has launched in Manchester to offer cloud-based software for the care industry.

Wisterias CMS is the brainchild of Tsitsi Angeline Mtasa, whose experience includes HR work at a care home.

The firm’s name may well take inspiration from ‘wisteria’, a genus of flowering plants in the legume family. It’s noted for being a vigorous climber that is moderately easy to grow.

Mtasa will be looking for the same kind of growth. She explains that Wisterias CMS was born from the challenges of working in the care sector during COVID-19. She worked alongside her parents’ domiciliary care and supported living business, discovering how much time and effort was spent on administrative duties, especially rostering planning with current systems. The latter were largely paper-based, resulting in problems with lack of instant data access.

Wisterias CMS wants to offer a digital care management system that lets care managers create care plans that “improve the quality of person-centred outcome-driven care and risk assessments”.

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Its care compliance system provides an oversight of a business and equips users with Care Quality Commission inspections to ensure readiness for industry regulations.

The startup is targeting all standard, niche and complex care settings, whether that’s a care home, a nursing home, supported living or domiciliary care.

In terms of more details, Wisterias CMS’ website has plenty of info.

For example, care plans can include digital signatures. To document caregiving, users can include images in daily notes, observations and body maps. The latter are digital and interactive options that allow people to pinpoint the specific location of the affected body part.

Other options include electronic Medication Administration Record (MAR) charts, offline functionality, a family app to keep family and friends informed about their loved ones’ health and well-being, a digital recording system, and staff management.

Wisterias CMS explains that it is currently in the stage of completing the development of its care management software. It’s inviting people to register their interest on the website.

The UK’s healthtech sector is an innovative place.

As reported last month in an eWeek UK scoop, patients are a virtue as London-based Oplinx is getting ready to unveil its app for the world of medical communications.

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